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Pitch Perfect: Movie Review

IN THE October 8 ISSUE

FROM THE 2012 Articles,

by Roy Runnels

Special coupon for Dinuba Platinum Theatre at the end of this review.

Out of all of the movies to come out this year, Pitch Perfect is easily the most fun. It’s not the best movie, with there being a few scenes that are hard to stomach, but it is the most fun you will have seeing a movie this year. Seeing trailers for the movie, it’s easy to make connections to Glee, but Pitch Perfect does everything it can to separate itself from Glee.

The music covers and mashups in the movie are some of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen, and that’s coming from someone who did watch Glee. To go along with the great music selection is a solid story about a couple of college groups trying to win an a cappella competition. It’s hard not to root for the main characters and hope they win.

The casting for the movie is something that makes it as enjoyable as it is. Anna Kendrick plays Beca who is our reluctant hero. Kendrick is perfect for the role with her previous experience on Broadway along with a Tony nomination. Skylar Astin, playing opposite Kendrick as Jesse, is a completely different story. Astin, who doesn’t have a whole lot of past work, does a really good job of almost stealing the show from Kendrick. Having two powerhouses leading the movie takes the movie from a great movie to an incredible one.

Pitch Perfect may not be a perfect movie, but it sure is an enjoyable one. The great cast and incredible music selection make sure of that.

Pitch Perfect is currently playing at Dinuba Platinum Theatres 6. Showtimes for other shows playing in Dinuba can be found on their website.

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Roy Runnels is a 21 year old aspiring writer currently working on becoming an English teacher. He has a great deal of interest in television as well as video games, when he is not busy writing. Roy was born in Lake Jackson, Texas and moved to Reedley, California in late 2012.

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