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Oct 6, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Fantasy & Fangs, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

What better time of year to talk about zombies than Halloween month! As KRL continues to to celebrate Halloween all month we took some time to chat with a group that loves to celebrate zombies all year long–The Fresno Zombie Society. Enjoy our interview with founder Patrick Quiring.

KRL: What is the Fresno Zombie Society?

Patrick: We are a Society of over 1,500 people strong and growing each day. We put together Pub Crawls, Flash Mobs, and any other type of themed events that come our way. We do more than just zombie events. We have done everything from flash mob weddings, birthday parties, company anniversary parties, and video game releases.

KRL: How, why and when did you come into existence?

Patrick: A group of my friends were sitting around bored thinking that it was going to be another boring night. We thought there was nothing to do in Fresno (like many others) and decided that we needed to change that. I took the reigns and decided to incorporate my love for horror movies, specifically zombies, and put on something unique that people would look forward to from year to year.

KRL: What is your position and why did you become involved?

Patrick:I am the founder of the Fresno Zombie Society. It was my love for horror movies and being a part of themed events. I used to put together themed parties at my home, but decided that it would be more fun to take these events to a larger scale.

KRL: What are some of the things you have done and do?

Patrick:Fresno Zombie Society will do just about any event that is brought to us, big or small. We have been hired to do a variety of events in many different genres.

Besides the annual Fresno Zombie Crawl, we had our first annual Star Wars Pub Crawl, which was two events in one….a Star Wars Pub Crawl along with a surprise flash mob marriage proposal. We were hired to make surprise appearance for a die-hard Zombie fan for his birthday. A horde of Zombies was asked to creep out of the woods and surprise the birthday guest at Pine Flat Lake. Fresno Zombie society also teamed up with New Rock 104.1 for the first Santa Con brought to Tower last year. The Lions Din hired the society to come out to there company anniversary party and make an appearance. Along with the horror themed events and pub crawls, Fresno Zombie Society was hired by the new Clovis Castle to put on a REAL flash mob wedding at the Premier Bridal Show. Clovis Castle is a one stop all inclusive wedding venue offering the best of the best venders. Fresno Zombie Society teamed up with the owner, and put together an entire wedding to take place at the bridal show and surprise all of the guest with not only a flash mob, but a couple was married in the extravagant booth.(which really held a castle inside the convention center). Fresno Zombie Society may have been created out of a passion for Zombies; however, the Zombie Society does a variety events. What will we do… Flash Mobs, Pub Crawls, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, or even just a friendly scare at an upcoming event.

KRL: Why do you love zombies?

Patrick:I think my love for zombies stems from a couple things. For one, I believe it to be the most likely scenario in the horror genre. Vampires and Werewolves are so far fetched that it is entirely inconceivable, but a virus taking over the human body, well that happens on a daily basis. I also am drawn to the apocalyptic notion of zombies. Starting the world over, survival being on a day-to-day basis, having to rebuild; these items I find very intriguing.

KRL: Do you have favorite authors and movies that are zombie related?

Patrick:Well, of course anybody who likes zombie books can’t help but say that World War Z by Max Brooks isn’t one of the best zombie novels ever. I recommend picking up Day By Day Armageddon (and its sequel) by J.L. Bourne and Eden by Tony Monchinski. Both are great zombie novels with their own twists.

As for movies, I really like the remake of Dawn of the Dead. On the comedy side, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, and I recently watched one titled Deadheads that was hilarious.

KRL: What events do you have coming up during the month of Halloween?

Patrick:Numerous different events for October! October 6 we are putting together a zombie and pirate team for CCAD’s Dodgeball Tournament. October 13 we are invading Rock-N-Rolla’s final game of the season. Our main event, the 3rd Annual Zombie Crawl in the Tower is on October 20. And we may have one more event to add to the calendar as well (to be announced).

KRL: Do you have events all year long?

Patrick:We have our two major events each year; The Fresno Zombie Crawl in late October and the Star Wars Pub Crawl in early May. We also do Santacon in December and whatever else comes our way. We are always open to suggestions, or if you want to put an event on, let us know!

KRL: What are you goals/hopes for the future?

Patrick:Our goal is to become the premiere group that people look and go to for events. We want to change that perception that there is nothing to do in Fresno and make Fresno the place where people go for the truly unique events!

KRL: Website/Facebook/Twitter?

Patrick:You can find us on Facebook. We are currently working on a webpage and hope to have it up and running by early October.

KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Patrick: We are a Society that supports local businesses, local bands, and local venues. I think Fresno is a great place and hope that one day we can send Conan O’Brien a Fresno Zombie Society bobblehead.

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