Someone Cruel in Coyote Creek: The Accidental Detective Mystery Series

Oct 5, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Kris Bock

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In the humorous Accidental Detective series, a witty journalist solves mysteries in Arizona and tackles the challenges of starting over in midlife.

What attracts you to cozy mysteries?

When I’m exhausted from a long day of writing, I want to read something that makes me feel good. Mysteries usually have an active plot, with lots going on. Humorous mysteries add quirky characters and fun dialog. Cozy mysteries also have a happy ending. You know you’ll get a good time and finish in a positive mood.

Are you challenging any genre conventions?

Books with amateur detectives often have people accidentally stumbling on bodies. I made Kate a journalist so she’d have a reason to get involved with investigations. People bring her problems they can’t or don’t want to take to the police. I’m not saying she’s not insatiably curious – she is a journalist – but she doesn’t have to be a busybody poking into things that are none of her business.

Are you addressing any issues in your series?

The series explores challenges related to aging, such as memory and health problems, loneliness, the potential for elder abuse by family members, and being treated as incapable. But it’s not all bad news. Kate’s father and his friends are in their seventies and eighties and are active, intelligent, and a positive force in society. (They are sometimes a negative force in Kate’s investigations, but they mean well.) I hope this example will encourage people to think about the assumptions they make.

Meanwhile, Kate turns fifty at the end of book 3. Due to her injury, she walks with a cane. Between that and her undyed silver hair, people treat her differently. This gives her insight into how society dismisses older people, especially women. She has a sense of humor about it, and she sometimes uses people’s assumptions to her advantage, but it can still sting. She’s also dealing with midlife issues, such as aging parents, perimenopause, a body that doesn’t recover like it once did, how to start a new career, and how to save for retirement. Unlike many cozy mystery heroines, she doesn’t inherit a house and business right when she needs to start over.

Was Kate inspired by a real person?

She’s a version of me if I had veered off in a different direction after college. She’s braver, but maybe I would have developed that bravery if I’d become a war correspondent instead of a freelance writer working from home! I did travel a lot, starting in childhood and continuing through my twenties, because my family lived overseas. That gave me a broader view of the world, like Kate would have.

She also views the world with wit and sometimes snarky humor, and that’s all me. Some of the topics in these books might seem dark, but the books are fun, due to Kate’s wry sense of humor and the quirky friends and helpers she collects. Readers say they’re falling in love with Kate and her sidekicks.

Also, Kate’s father has a friend who has gotten into baking in his retirement. As the group of people helping Kate with her investigations grows, they spend a lot of time drinking coffee and eating cookies or muffins or cupcakes. I prefer tea to coffee, but chatting and eating baked goods is one of my favorite ways to spend time!

Book 3, Someone Cruel in Coyote Creek, is out October 3!

Turning fifty in her childhood bedroom wasn’t on her bucket list…

Kate Tessler is convinced her sister is trying to kill her. In fact, she might prefer death to Jen’s “50 for 50 Challenge,” where Kate will try fifty new things throughout the year she turns fifty. She’s still adjusting to the limp she got after a bombing as an international war correspondent and her new underemployed life back in her childhood home in Phoenix. The last thing Kate wants is to prepare for paddle boarding, especially when she receives an anonymous message claiming that Mayor Todd Paradise is taking bribes. The author claims to have proof, including photos, and challenges Kate to publish the story.

Could good guy Todd, Kate’s almost boyfriend, really be corrupt, or are political enemies trying to destroy his career? Kate sets out to discover the truth, with help from her multi-generational, unconventional, and often troublesome crew. She thrived reporting from war zones, but can she survive a deadly fundraising party, a close encounter with a taser, a turn at an open mic night, and a hundred-pound dog named Whiskers?

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