Teenage Dream, Katy Perry : CD Review

Oct 2, 2010 | 2010 Articles, Books & Tales, Jacob Alvarado, Music, Teens

by Jacob Alvarado

She had us when she kissed a girl and liked it, and when her relationship was hot and cold. Katy Perry has become one of the biggest music sensations of this generation. Her latest album Teenage Dream spent three weeks as #1 on iTunes and has two singles that have gotten Katy many nominations for music awards. Her greatest success on the album is the hit song “California Gurls”. The video caused some controversy over its risqué brassiere moment at the end of the video, but Perry won’t stop tipping the scale on over the top spectacles.

The album opens up with the title song “Teenage Dream”. The lyrics tell the story of Katy’s latest romance and how it makes her feel like she is a teenager again. The song that is, in my opinion, the most fun is “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”. It describes a night of parties, hanging with friends, and what everyone wants to do on a Friday night. A very patriotic song on the album is “Firework”, which talks about how America is a great and noble thing. The techno dance song on the album is “E.T.” In this song, Perry describes a boy she is dating as out of this world and cosmic; saying every time he kisses her she is transported to another planet. In the song “Pearl”, Perry describes a girl she knew as being so popular and beautiful, but now all the glitz and glamour have left those girls eyes. The album ends with the power ballad “Hummingbird Heartbeat”. The song describes the way girl’s heartbeats flutter whenever they are around the one they love.

Katy Perry is an icon in the pop world. She always gets us good and hungry and always leaves us wanting more. She is a terrific performer and this album shows us that she is here to stay. We are always waiting to hear what costume she is wearing or what her new song is going to be called. Katy Perry is one of a kind.

Special note: Explicit lyrics

Jacob Alvarado is 18 years old and a contributor to our Teen Talk section, oft bringing us an inside look at local theatre due to his love of performing.


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