Jessica’s Video Game News for September

Sep 30, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Jayce Ham

by Jessica Ham

September has been an exciting month for video games. The summer had some great games, but September has got the ball rolling once more. From racing games to space adventures, this month’s video game releases have got it all.

video game At the end of last month the prequel to the critically acclaimed game Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 1 was released. I personally was very excited for the first episode, and it did not disappoint. It perfectly captured what the characters would have been like three years previous to the original game. Rachel Amber, a character who had gone missing in the original game, finally appeared on screen for us in the prequel. The game does a great job at portraying Rachel as the mysterious, awesome, well-loved person everyone said she was in the first game. The reviews for episode 1 have been positive with some even saying it surpasses the previous game. Episode 2 is said to be released sometime between mid-October and November.

gameDestiny 2, a highly anticipated sequel, released on September 6. Let’s play groups such as Achievement Hunter have had nothing but praise for the new game in the series. The sequel greatly improved on the first game’s failures including putting forth a more compelling story in the campaign. While the online multiplayer raids are as difficult as ever before, the challenge has been fun for the lovers of the original game and those new to it as well. Overall Destiny 2, so far, has been a huge success.

gameDivinity: Original Sin 2 released on September 14. This game is a single player or multiplayer role playing game. The sequel takes place centuries after the first game. A bishop decides that all Sorcerers are criminals so as a group or as a single player you make it your mission to defeat him. Reviewers consider this game to be one of the best role-playing games ever made.

In an incredible turning of events for myself, one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time Pokemon Gold and Silver is now available on the 3DS. All Pokemon fans from the past can take a trip down memory lane and play a classic featuring such amazing Pokemon as Cyndaquil (my personal favorite), Totodile, and Chikorita.

Just a few days ago the trailer for the new Tomb Raider was released. While it is not a video game, the movie has numerous ties to the game series and is going with a new and improved Lara Croft which is featured in the game. The Lara Croft in the new games is not overly sexualized and over the top as in the older movies and games. The movie is set to release March 16, 2018.

A teaser for the sequel to Red Dead Redemption was just released. The teaser teases the possibility of more news on the game coming soon. Fans are on the edge of their seat to know more as the first game released several years ago.

The holidays are just around corner which means many exciting games to be released any moment. The holidays are like summer for the movies, the time when the most exciting titles come out.

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