Thoughtful Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Grandma Smile

Sep 28, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Community

by staff

Your grandma is special. No one else can recreate her delicious dishes quite like she does. She is always ready with a warm hug when you’re feeling blue. Whether it’s giving you sage advice when you need it most or spoiling you silly, she is there for you.

Since your grandma fills your life with an abundance of love, it’s only fair that you’d want to gift her something unique for the holidays, a special day in her life, or simply for being as awesome as she is!
No matter the occasion, finding the perfect gift for grandma can leave you scratching your head for ideas. After all, nothing short of sweet and absolutely thoughtful will do when it comes to picking a gift for the woman who adds so much value to your life.

A carefully chosen gift that matches her interests would show the extra thought you put into her gift. But don’t let that stress you out. Regardless of what you pick for her, she’ll adore it because it will remind her of you and how much she means to you!

Browse this list of thoughtful gifting ideas to delight your grandma.

1. Heated slippers

They are the ultimate definition of comfy. Be it during her nightly trips to the bathrooms or while stepping out of the bed on chilly mornings, they will keep her feet toasty all year round. So be assured, your grandma will appreciate the warm gesture.
Made with plush, super-soft material, these slippers can be microwaved too!

2. Assorted tea gift set

If you got a tea lover of a grandma, this is definitely a gift she’ll enjoy.
From premium teas from around the world to exotic flavours to herbal teas that will boost her health, there’s a whole world of tea gifts to explore. Plus, many of these tea sets come beautifully packaged — in designer wooden boxes, vintage tins or pretty ceramic jars — which adds an extra dose of charm to them.

3. Hand care set

Those hands have seen a lot, been through a lot — raised kids and grandkids, toiled away at the kitchen, cared and protected the family, wiped away a few tears, and so much more. A hand care set like can give your grandma’s precious hands the tender loving care that they deserve.

4. Gift hampers

Hampers are hands down best way to make someone feel special and they are easy to pick when you’re stuck deciding between multiple options. But if you think hampers are a rushed, last-minute affair, you will be proven wrong if you buy gift hampers from Pearsons Gifting. These are curated and personalized for every mood and occasion, and are hand delivered anywhere in Australia.

5. Instant pot

If your grandma doesn’t have one, she needs to! This nifty cooking appliance allows food to be cooked unattended and requires minimal preparation and clean up. With many different settings and features, it can make it easier for her to whip up her most loved meals.

6. Personalized kitchen tools

For a kitchen queen granny, you can pick up a kitchen tool or two like a cutting board or knife set with personalized engravings. An easy way to make sure she thinks about you every time she’s rustling up her most famous recipes.

7. Sleep mask

Nothing screams “have a good sleep” like a comfortable sleep mask. It shows you care enough so your beloved grandma can have a restful sleep and if she’s the one to travel, it’s a great accessory to have on flights to ensure she gets some shut-eye during her journey.

Which of these ideas are you going to pick to make your grandma smile?

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