Odd Thomas-Deeply Odd & Odd Apocalypse By Dean Koontz

Sep 28, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I really liked the first Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz that introduced us to this adorable fry cook who could communicate with ghosts. In Deeply Odd, the sixth book in the series, Odd has come a long way even though only 19 months have passed.

In Odd Apocalypse, the book just before Deeply Odd, a lot of crazy things happen at an old estate called Roseland, which has a strange history. The crazy happenings include issues with time shifts and some pretty creepy characters that we are left wondering if they may be our future. Odd experiences these crazy things with Annamarie, a young pregnant girl who seems to have been pregnant a long time and obviously isn’t what she appears to be. They leave Roseland with a young boy who also isn’t what he seems.

In Deeply Odd, Odd leaves behind Annamarie and the boy to chase down a crazy rhinestone cowboy truck driver who obviously has powers of his own. Odd ends up going after the cowboy with the assistance of a strange old woman in a big limo. This book introduces the idea that there are many with supernatural powers out there like Odd, and that they are setting things up for a huge battle. Both of these books leave you with a lot of questions.

My favorite part of the books though is not as big a part of the story in these most recent ones–Odd’s interactions with spirits and especially with famous spirits. We do have Alfred Hitchcock in these two books, which is fun, but he’s not as big a part of things as Elvis was in past books. I also miss Odd being a little more ordinary and adorable in a little more ordinary situations, though with a supernatural twist because of his abilities–but a lot has happened to him in this series.

I can tell you one thing for sure–after reading Odd Apocalypse and Deeply Odd I am definitely going to read the next book because I have to know what’s coming!

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