10 Ways to Use a Timeline Maker in Education

Sep 28, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Education

by staff

Educators constantly search for new tools and approaches to improve communication with their pupils. Meanwhile, students are finding ways to understand complex information and setting study goals. A timeline maker can help students and teachers by using aesthetically appealing and exciting timelines.

Though timelines are usually used to discuss historical events or critical times in the lives of famous people, they are now finding several uses in the education sector. You can find a paid or free online timeline maker that will suit your needs.

Here are ways to use a timeline maker as a student or teacher.

To create a course timeline

A timeline maker is a powerful tool to help teachers quickly create course timelines. Teachers can generate a visual representation of the course’s progress by inputting key dates and events. It can be extremely helpful in planning and managing the course and keeping students on track. It can map out complex topics or units that span over multiple weeks.

To summarize information in a visually appealing way

Summarizing information can be difficult, especially when working with large amounts of data. A timeline creator can be a helpful tool in visualizing information and making it easier to understand.
Timelines can show the sequence of events, highlight key points, or compare different data sets. When used effectively, timelines can help to simplify complex information and make it more accessible to the students.

To create timeline-based exams and test students’ knowledge

A timeline maker can be a valuable tool for creating exams that assess learner knowledge. It can help identify which areas of the material are most important for learners to know by creating a timeline of events, concepts, or ideas.

Additionally, by incorporating questions into the timeline, a timeline maker can help to ensure that learners can demonstrate their understanding of the material. Ultimately, a timeline maker can help create a more effective and efficient way of assessing learner knowledge.

To develop personal and collaborative timelines with classmates or other students

A timeline maker is a tool that helps students to create and collaborate on timelines. It is a great way to organize information and to see the connections between events. Students can use timeline makers to develop both personal and shared timelines. They can use them to track their studies’ progress, plan for future projects, or keep track of historical events.

Timeline makers are also an excellent way for students to collaborate on projects.

To highlight the complex subject matter

A timeline maker can be a helpful tool for creating slide show timelines highlighting the complicated subject matter. This software can create an engaging presentation that outlines a specific event or sequence of events. When used correctly, a timeline maker can help to ensure that your audience has a clear understanding of the material being presented.

Show trends with a graph-based timeline

In recent years, a graph-based timeline has become a standard learning timeline, mainly when aiming to illustrate numbers that rise or fall or show trends over time.

Graph maker templates are available to help teachers show trends and let the student view the data linearly while stressing the idea of an uptick or downtick in a particular direction.

Reduce cognitive overload by minimizing information

As cognitive load theory gains popularity in the education world, more and more educators are looking for ways to reduce the amount of data their students need to process at one time.

One way to do this is by using a timeline maker. It helps students see the big picture by breaking down a lesson into smaller, more manageable chunks.

For example, instead of trying to memorize a list of dates and events, students can use a timeline maker to create a visual representation of the information. It allows them to see how one event led to another and make connections that they might not have otherwise been able to make. As a result, an online timeline maker can help improve a student’s understanding.

For describing procedures and protocols

A timeline maker is an excellent tool for describing a specific procedure or protocol. By inputting the relevant information into the timeline maker, you can create a customized timeline that clearly outlines the steps involved in the process.

It is beneficial when you need to describe a complex procedure to students or when you need to have a visual aid to refer to while carrying out the steps.

Helps organize facts

A timeline maker can be a helpful tool for organizing facts and historical events. By creating a visual representation of information, a timeline maker can help to make complex information more understandable.
Additionally, a timeline maker can track changes over time or compare different historical periods.
Help students set goals and track progress.

A timeline creator for students can be a helpful tool for setting goals. By mapping out a timeline, students can see the steps they need to take to achieve their goals. It can help them to break down into manageable steps.

Additionally, a timeline can help students to track their progress. Seeing their plan can also help motivate them to keep working towards their goals.


Timeline makers can be helpful tools in education. It benefits the teacher and the student by allowing them to see the big picture in a topic, organize facts or goals, track progress, and more. If you need a timeline maker, Venngage has multiple templates you can choose from. There are also templates for infographics, diagrams, and more. Sign up today and get the chance to experiment with different high-quality designs you’ll need for your lesson or goal tracking.

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