Mell’s Mutts Rescue Update

Sep 25, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Elayne Gonzalez

Elayne Gonzalez is the founder of Mell’s Mutts, an animal rescue in Fresno, CA. They will be sharing their animal rescue stories with us each month.

We would like to give everyone these great updates on the four doggies we saved from the city shelter and wrote about in last month’s edition. If you missed last month’s column, please take a minute to go back HERE and read to get caught up with these amazing four dogs! Let us remind you that all four were scheduled to be euthanized! Look at them now!!!

Walter, Annie, Romeo, and Miles have been with us for over a month now and are all now ready to spread their wings and fly into their forever home.

Walter is a senior poodle who was sitting in his poop all alone in a metal kennel. His mouth was full of infection because his teeth were so dirty and now we know Walter is deaf. Can you imagine how scared this old guy must have been? Well, now Walter is thriving! We immediately had his teeth cleaned and then gave him some time to heal and then he was neutered. Walter is in an amazing foster home who is so patient and loving. In fact, Walter (who his Foster family calls “little man”) gets his meals cooked fresh everyday by his foster mom. Walter, aka “little man,” is so easy going and loves everyone! He gets along with dogs and cats. He is deaf (due to old age) so will require a little more patience. He loves to play but gets tired and then wants to cuddle. We are so happy Walter is with us and has improved tremendously.


Annie was going to be euthanized because she had an injury to her leg that appeared to have healed incorrectly and was preventing her from walking properly. After several sets of x-rays and consulting with two veterinarians and an orthopedic specialist we had to make the decision to have her leg amputated. Annie is adapting very well to being a ‘tripawd.’ This girl is fast! She can bounce around all day and absolutely loves playing with other dogs. It takes Annie a little bit of time to warm up to people, but once she knows you, she is your best friend! Annie is a long-legged, brown Chihuahua mix and weighs about ten pounds. She will do good in a home with other doggies.


Romeo…Oh Romeo!! Where do we start with this big goof ball?! This guy is still a puppy, maybe seven months now. He was sitting all alone in a small kennel for a few weeks in the shelter. He caught kennel cough, as most dogs do in a shelter environment, and then his days were numbered. He was scheduled to be euthanized because he had kennel cough and they were short on space. When we first got him, he was full of ticks, the Itty bitty gray ‘seed’ ticks. They were covering his entire face. One of our awesome volunteers sat there for hours pulling them off of him. Romeo was neutered and tested for tick borne illnesses and tested positive for anaplasmosis which is caused from the ticks basically eating him up alive. The good thing is this is not a life-long disease and is cleared up with one month of antibiotics. So, now Romeo is healthy, happy, and looking for a forever family. He is such a playful guy and loves other dogs! Big or small he loves them all! He is certainly living up to his name Romeo. He also loves playing in water! We believe he is a boxer/pity mix and currently weighs fifty pounds and should probably only grow ten or twenty pounds more. Romeo’s adoption includes a couple of professional basic obedience training with our amazing local trainer.


Miles is an adorable fifteen pound Jack Russell/terrier mix. He’s about four or five years old. Miles is already set in his ways and loves people but sometimes gets a little tired of other doggies. He will play with the other doggies, and then he usually needs a little alone time. Miles will literally melt in your arms when you hold him. He has the cutest permanent head tilt which we think was caused by some type of prior injury and also the reason why he would sadly have been euthanized at the shelter if we had not saved him. This does not effect him in the least, in fact, it makes him even cuter and gives him character.


All four of these doggies are so special. We love them and are so grateful we were able to save them from certain death. We also know that we can only help because of the help we receive from you.

If you are interested in adopting Walter, Annie, Romeo, or Miles you can contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page, or email us at Mellsmutts@yahoo[dot]com.

Mell’s Mutts is a non-profit, foster based organization out of Fresno, CA. We run 100% on donations which means we can only help when we have the funds. We rely on our community for support and help.


Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section here in KRL and on our sister website KRL News & Reviews. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to to Mell’s Mutts.


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