The Addams Family On Stage At Roger Rocka’s

Sep 24, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

They’re creepy and they’re kookey.
Mysterious and spookey.
They’re altogether together ookey.
The Addams Family.

I have been a huge fan of the Addams Family forever, so when I heard that the musical version was coming to Roger Rocka’s I was excited to go see it!


Left to right-Steve Souza, Brian Rhea, Paige Parker, Tyler Branco, Connor Pofahl, Kindle Cowger, Jennifer Goettsch

The musical takes place when the family is a bit older and Wednesday has found love with a “normal” boy. She wants the two families to meet for a family dinner where the couple plans on announcing their engagement. Wednesday begs her family for a “normal” dinner as she wants the families to get along and insists she must have the blessing of her parents. She puts her father in a difficult position by telling him about the engagement and begging him not to tell her mother. Of course expecting a “normal” dinner in the Addams Family home is just not going to happen and tons of hilarity ensues, which causes problems not only for the young lovers but their parents as well. Uncle Fester, in love himself (just wait until you find out with whom), enlists the help of their dead ancestors to smooth the path for true love. If you have never seen the Addams Family, well just think of the most dysfunctional family you can imagine who love everything dark–they are the dictionary definition of dark comedy.


Being such a fan of these characters I really hoped that GCP would do them justice and they most definitely did. Not only did Tyler Branco sing the music beautifully–I love his voice- he did an amazing job of capturing the quirky, outrageous, and charming character of Gomez Addams. Paige Parker was a perfect intimidating, tall, shapely and elegant Morticia, and she had great chemistry with Tyler. Kindle Cowger played Wednesday with just the right dark edge and has a lovely voice. Connor Pofahl did a good job as Wednesday’s trouble making, twisted little brother Pugsley. Brian Rhea as Lurch was tall and creepy and had a crazy deep voice. Jennifer Goettsch was wonderfully crazy as Grandma Addams, and Steve Souza stole the show whenever he was on stage with his amazing comedic talent as Uncle Fester. The dance numbers were rounded out nicely with a very talented ensemble playing the Addams ancestors.


Playing Wednesday’s young love Lucas Beineke was GCP newcomer Adrian Ammsso–another lovely voice. His parents were played by Gordon Moore and Jessica Sarkisian. They were all wonderfully funny as the not really so normal family.


Left to right-Lucas Beinke (Adrian Ammsso), Mal Beinke (Gordon Moore) and Alice Beineke (Jessica Sarkisian)

Every little detail that makes us love the Addams Family was present–from Gomez and Morticia’s Tango, to Uncle Fester’s ability to light a light bulb with his mouth. There were torture devices, a cemetery, their wonderful dark sense of humor, and intense devotion to family. We even get a glimpse of Cousin It and a few times we get to see Thing.

The music and dances were fun, the song lyrics were very clever and funny, the voices and acting were great, make-up, and the costumes and hair were spot on. This is a hilarious and fun show and an absolutely perfect way to lead into the Halloween season–my favorite time of year!

If you are an Addams Family fan you will not want to miss this. If you have never seen the Addams Family you will still enjoy this quirky, dark, crazy, fun musical! The Addams Family will be on stage at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater in Fresno until November 9. You can learn more about ticket prices and where to purchase them on the GCP’s KRL theatre event page, or on the Roger Rocka’s website.

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