September Teen Poetry Corner 2011

Sep 24, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Teen Poets

These poems were written by local teens who won our September 2011 Teen Talk poetry contest. This time we only have two winners-one from Parlier and the other from Reedley. The contest is open to anyone age 14-19. The next contest results will be published in October and will have a Halloween theme. Take advantage of this chance to have your poem published online and available for everyone to read! Generally any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected at the end of most months, details below.


My Life
by Kasey Beltran 16, Parlier High School

My Life
This world around me is full of chaos
And I can’t do anything to stop it,
The only thing I can do is watch everything happen.

I try to think of a world that I can escape to,
And not have any problems or worries but,
I know that world doesn’t exist.

Everything that’s happening
Around me gets worse every day,
And I’ll never be able to get away from it because
This… my life!

A Prayer
by Ashley Kuykendall, Reedley College

I pray Lord that you will restrain me
When someone lashes out don’t allow me to bid revenge

But teach me to avert I cash me to love unconditional
Teach me always to care
Teach me teach good things
Things that will always be there
I pray for the wisdom that will bring peace
I pray for the understanding that will bring love
I pray for heavenly blessings that will come from our father above
bless me with faith oh Lord to make the prayer come true
Bless me with the strength, oh Lord to follow after you.

by Kasey Beltran,16, Parlier High School

I miss you grandpa
You were my friend,
But now you’re gone.
I can’t live with the fact that you’re not here,
Every time I think of you, I start to cry.

I miss visiting you,
You were so funny,
And had a great sense of humor
I think that’s what I’ll miss the most.

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In the meantime, check out our Teen Talk section with weekly articles including reviews, opinion pieces, local band profiles, area high school and college goings-on — all written by local teens. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too as we will be having giveaways for all Kings River Life readers of tickets, CDs, books, t-shirts and more.


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