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There are various seasonable fruits available in the market. With the advancement of science, there are various ways of processing that fruit, which are being made available in the market by which you can conserve the taste of that fruit. It may be in the form of cold storage or added flavor. Both processes are injurious to health as it withdraws all the essential micronutrients of that fruit. But there is one ancient process still there; that is “dehydration”. It is suitable and highly advocated as it not only preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients of that particular fruit but also it gives the REAL taste of that fruit even in the off-season.

Traditionally, we can preserve mangoes and lemons in the form of pickles, which can be done only through the process of dehydration. From ancient time, the sun has been the prime source of dehydration of fruits. This simple process primarily takes place in the summer. But with the advent of the science, human beings found the able replacements of solar energy in the form of innovations like dehydrators, ovens, and microwaves.

Let us see some of the tasty dehydrated fruit recipes:

DIY apple fruit leather:
DIY (Do It Yourself) food recipes can be prepared for seasonable food items or fruits. You can easily prepare apple fruit leather in the peak season for apples, and apples can also be stored in the form of jam, canned apple butter, cider vinegar of apple. You can also make tasty homemade apple roll-ups with the help of a dehydrator. These delicious roll-ups can be enjoyed on a daily basis as its taste makes it a favorite pastime of your kids.


• Fresh pieces of Apple fruit
• Sugar
• Water
• Cinnamon and nutmeg spices, if needed.

Dehydrated bananas:
Bananas are available throughout the year and most of us loved them. This fruit can be called a “fruit of poor people” as it contains a lot of nutrients. It is rich with vital micronutrients such as potassium, magnesium, fibers, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. It is also enriched with antioxidants. You can make dehydrated bananas with four different methods:

1. By using a food dehydrator
2. Sun-dried
3. Using a Microwave
4. With oven
• Bananas
• Water (1 cup)
• Fresh lemon juice
• Mesh rack
• Cookie sheet
• A bowl
• Sun rays/Dehydrator/ microwave/oven (if chosen)
• Storage bags

Corn chips:
Dehydrated corn chips are probably one of the most enjoyable snacks around the world. These crunchy snacks are perfect for dipping and sharing among all the family members watching TV in the evening. They are being prepared in the dehydrator. They become crispier as you leave them in the dehydrator. They are being made in batches and being packed within the airtight sealed container. The whole process of preparation will take around 12 hrs approximately.

• Defrosted frozen corn
• De-seeded, roughly chopped yellow bell pepper
• Apple cider vinegar
• Ground golden flaxseed
• Salt
• water

Passion fruit Strawberry fruit leather-dehydrator roll-ups:
The nutritional value of strawberries is amazing. There are numerous health benefits to eating strawberries. The regular consumption of strawberries is a deterrent to heart diseases, it is a great antioxidant, it maintains sugar levels and the pressure of your blood, it helps to fight with blood cancer, fights inflammation, improves brain health, helps in vision improvement, helps in weight loss, improves in bone health, it keeps your teeth in good shape, it acts as anti-aging substance that keeps your skin in good shape, etc.

But this amazing fruit, strawberry is a seasonal one! You need to preserve it in a different format if you want to enjoy it all through the year. The dehydration process helps you here!

You can make a syrup of these dehydrated fruits with the help of dehydrator too! This hygienic Passion Strawberry fruit leather-dehydrator roll-ups snack may take around 6-6.30 hrs for the whole preparation.

• Fresh strawberries(roughly chopped)
• Passion fruit syrup in the form of juice or flavor
• An applesauce
• Cooking spray( non-sticky)

Dehydrated peanut butter and banana graham crackers :
One of the best snacks that you can eat after an intense workout in the morning! Why? No other snack can be as rich with protein as this snack is! Actually, it’s a blending of various protein-rich substances that gives you delicious taste along with the perfect health for young and old people.

Beetroot and sweet potato chips:

Only a word like “delicious” can be a synonym of Beetroot and sweet potato chips. This is one of the most desirable dishes, which needs patience and carefulness while preparing. You have to decide whether you like the chips with skin or without skin. Peel off if you don’t like the skin. Otherwise, you can continue with the skinned potato chips! You can experiment this recipe with different combinations of an oil-garlic mixture.

The process of preparing this dish is quite tricky. You have to heat the oven to 300 degrees F before inserting baking sheets along with parchment paper. A mandolin can be used for slicing sweet potatoes and beets with possibly 1/16 inch thick slices. You need around an hour to prepare a wholesome dish.

• Clean and scrub medium-sized beets
• Clean and scrub medium-sized sweet potatoes
• Olive oil
• Chopped garlic cloves
• Sea salt
• Chopped thyme

Mixed Berry Homemade Fruit Leather
Mixed berry and apple fruit roll-up can be the answer to your kid’s appetite. This recipe is very popular among your growing ones and can be a nice idea to enjoy as a summertime snack. A great snack for your kid’s lunchbox! The preparation time for this dish is around 3.30 hrs. The blending of different types of berries along with apple leather gives yummy taste after a wholesome product.
• Mixed Berries
• Fresh Apple
• Sugar
• Lemon Juice

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