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Sep 23, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Food Fun

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In the 21st century, there is an unlimited variety of food items available to us. People eat junk food irrespective of its high-fat content. Youngsters are addicted to pizzas, burgers and all kinds of unhealthy food. These food items disturb the immune system and later lead to a number of diseases.

Encouraging the younger journey towards healthy eating is essential to build a healthy economy. People often get confused between what is healthy and what is not. It is therefore important to refer to a correct source for maintaining the good health of your body and eat healthy items like oats, fruits, chicken recipes for protein etc.paid post

Here are our choices for top 10 healthy foods for young people-

1. Fruits
Fruits are the most nutritious food item in a healthy diet. There are plenty of fruits available to us, each of them with their nutrient content. In today’s lifestyle, we deal with a variety of diseases from an early age and end up spending our lives taking medications. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in your regular diet will do wonders for you in the future. Blood pressure, heart diseases, sugar, eye, and stomach diseases can often be avoided if you eat at least one fruit per day.

2. Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds are very popular among people as they are rich in nutrition as well as being easily available. From vegetarians to non-vegetarians, these can be included in any kind of diet. Overeating can be avoided by regular consumption of them. Nuts and seeds complete your balanced diet. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, flax seeds, etc. are excellent examples to start your day with. These are tasty and serve as a great food item. Also, they don’t require any specific preparation of cooking as most of them are eaten raw.

3. Grains
Grains are the most common and highly beneficial food item. These are rich in vitamins, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Grains play an important role in a completely healthy diet, as they help our body to fight some chronic diseases. Whether you are dealing with constipation or you have to lower the risk of heart diseases, eating grains in your daily routine will be a great help. The vitamins, irons, minerals in the diet will improve your immune system and make your bodywork more efficiently than before.

4. Dairy products
Studies have shown that people who eat dairy products have a lower risk of having diseases like Type 2 diabetes and obesity than those who don’t. Dairy products are the treasure box for various important nutrients. The quality depends upon the feeding of the cows. The dairy from a grass-eating cow is high in bioactive fatty acids like CLA and vitamin K2 and the products are more delicious. Cheese, yogurt, and other milk products add extra taste to the diet and make it more nutritious. Dairy products are easily available and less expensive so they are likely to be the most preferred healthy item for youngsters.

5. Fish and seafood
The most common problem in today’s youth is hair-fall. Almost 7 out of 10 people face this issue from their teenage days. It could be resolved by including fish and seafood in your diet. They are rich in omega-3 and iodine, which is important in hair growth. Seafood is considered one of the healthiest foods. Depression and heart diseases can often be helped by it. Eating fishes will improve your life span and reduce the risk of other diseases.

6. Legumes
Legumes such as kidney beans, green beans, lentils, etc. are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Although they are considered anti-nutrients, as they are toxic to the body when consumed in the raw form, they become healthy when soaked in water and prepared carefully in a cooker. A plant-based source of protein- lentils are a great item to include in your diet chart.

7. Tubers
Potatoes are the most eaten vegetable in meals. It has good nutrient content and is filled with potassium. They don’t make you feel hungry in a shorter time i.e. they are good at filling the stomach for a longer duration. Sweet potatoes are both delicious and healthy. Boiled sweet potato is an excellent option for evening snacks. Potato is good for your heart’s health and can help prevent various heart diseases.

8. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is considered to be loaded with almost every kind of nutrition. It competes with diabetes, heart disease, lower cholesterol and even with some types of cancer. It controls weight gain and reduces the belly size. It kills harmful bacteria from the body making it healthy and stronger. It also cleans out the acne from the skin adding an extra benefit to the list.

9. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is liked by almost everyone, as it is delicious and accompanied with antioxidants and minerals. The additional benefit is that it contains less sugar as compared to milk chocolates. It reduces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and also helps to improve the brain function. Dark chocolate should not be eaten in large amount as it has high calories and fat content. Add it to your diet plan and consume it in a limited amount.

10. Chicken
One of the most loved food items of all age groups is chicken. Chicken, when eaten in a controlled manner, can do wonders for your body growth and immune system. From its high nutritional value to its delicious taste-chicken is a complete combo.

It is a mandatory food item for youngsters as it maintains the body weight and gives you a toned healthy body. It is a rich source of protein and therefore consumed by most of the bodybuilders. It also helps you have stronger bones and teeth. To make the best chicken it is recommended that you make use of ultimate kitchen cookware, utensils, and appliances like latest quality air fryer, grills, mixers, electric skillets etc. as it would give delicious taste to your recipe if made correctly.

As selenium is present in Chicken, it boosts your metabolism, setting an improved defense and immune system for the body. It also contains a particular vitamin that deals with genetic issues along with cancer protection.

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