Fresno Bully Rescue: Queen Irene

Sep 23, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Terese Shaw

Terese Shaw is an FBR Adoptions Coordinator for Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month.

A couple of months ago Fresno Bully Rescue took a chance on a senior female Pit Bull named Irene. She was picked up by animal control at a local shelter with a long list on medical problems. She had been attacked and brought in with open wounds on her body. In addition to the recent attack, Irene had obviously long suffered from neglect and over breeding. To top it off, she also had an open, cancerous wound covering a large part of her front leg. Knowing she would not stand a chance if she remained at animal control, FBR rolled the dice to increase her chances of finding a home.

fresno bully


We were lucky to find an amazing foster home where Irene could heal and gain her confidence. We can’t imagine what she had been through in her rough life. No matter what her past held, her soul managed to remain pure gold. Irene shows so much love and loves being loved in return. Her foster boasts that Irene is the perfect little shadow and will do her best to cuddle to you as close as she possibly can. Her crate is a safe haven and watching her curl up in her blankets is adorable. She is a mellow, easy girl who only strives to be a couch potato. All of this is affirmation as to why FBR wanted this beauty to have some happiness and a reminder as to why she deserves a chance at a wonderful life. fresno bully

Irene’s surgery to remove the cancer was successful although any future owner will have to bring her for yearly check ups. So for now, she’s safe and loved in her foster home, and will patiently wait for a family that is ready for a dog that you can honestly hear smile.

If you are interested in adoption or learning more about becoming a foster family for Fresno Bully Rescue, or in making a donation, please visit

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  1. Sounds like such a sweetie. She deserves a home with her very own human who will lavish her with love and attention.


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