Planning The Perfect Fresno Wedding

Sep 22, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Community

by staff

The average wedding now costs $33,000 in California — $5,000 more than the nationwide average, Fox 5 News reports. Offering plenty of amazing venues and delicious food to suit all budgets, Fresno is the ideal location for a California wedding. By taking time to decide on the right options for your big day, you can easily plan the perfect wedding.

Stunning Fresno venues

Copper River Country Club is one of the most stunning outdoor wedding venues in all of Fresno. Copper River’s Alicante Park, in particular, is a popular ceremony venue overflowing with rustic beauty and complemented by gorgeous vineyard views, while the Lower Terrace offers old-world charm and great views of the golf course. This venue holds anywhere from 30-300 guests. And, there’s also Arthur Estate, another sophisticated venue surrounded by serene landscape and within driving distance of downtown Fresno. Weddings of all sizes and themes are accommodated here.

Choosing the perfect ring

A symbol of everlasting love and commitment, your wedding ring plays an important role in your big day. Classic wedding rings, in particular, never go out of style and are an elegant choice, and diamond rings remain popular in 2022. A petite micropavé diamond ring showcases stunning micropavé diamonds around the band —a subtle yet eye-catching option. Alternatively, rose gold wedding rings, which feature warm, pinky tones, are also in style. For example, a petite twist diamond eternity ring consists of two beautiful intertwining bands: the first featuring glittering micropavé diamonds, and the second 14k rose gold, resulting in a sophisticated statement.

Local catering options

Good food is a must at any wedding and Fresno is home to a host of excellent catering companies. Oh My Crepes is a fun and tasty way to serve up this sweet French dessert on your big day (the crepe-making process also doubles as entertainment!). Their Oh My Almond Joy is bursting with strawberries, bananas, nutella, and cream cheese, and topped with ice cream, whipped cream, almonds, chocolate drizzle, and lechera. Alternatively, North Fork BBQ makes mouthwatering southern food influenced by Central California coastal barbeque, available as either a buffet or food truck service. Their famous smoked chicken wings, for example, are available in two flavors: spicy honey sriracha or homemade BBQ.

Fresno is a great destination for an unforgettable wedding. By finding a gorgeous venue and delicious catering, along with the right wedding rings, you can plan the perfect big day.

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