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Sep 20, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Next week Basically Brandon has its final episode of the third season and I hear it’s going to be a spectacular one! For those who don’t know, Basically Brandon is Fresno’s very own online local talk show and it focuses a lot on local entertainment! It’s fun and quirky and we are lucky to have it. The show is hosted by local actors Brandon Delsid and Camille Gaston and we had the chance to chat with them recently about the show, this season, and the upcoming season finale!

KRL: How did you get involved as a host on Basically Brandon?

Camille: Our very first episode of BB was actually three hours long and took place on a random night after I got out of a tech rehearsal for a show I was involved in at the time at Roger Rocka’s. Brandon asked me to come over to the studio and banter with him on this “talk show” that, at first, neither one of us took seriously at all. It was just a fun outlet for the both of us to basically do what we always do, but in front of a camera.


Camille Gaston

KRL: Had you ever done anything like that before? I actually had not done a talk show before.

Camille: This would be my first experience.

KRL: Were you nervous at first?

Camille: At first, I was a little nervous when people actually started tuning in to the show. Even though we were having fun doing the show, the fact the people were watching and investing their time into the show, you have more of a responsibility to make your audience happy and keep them entertained.

KRL: What has it been like?

Camille: It’s been fun, honestly. I’ve been exposed to lots of theater through the guests that have appeared on the show.BB

KRL: What is it like working with Brandon?

Camille: It’s fun. I like the chemistry that we have on camera.

KRL: You guys do have great chemistry and are a lot of fun to watch. Favorite thing about it?

Camille: Meeting people in the theater community has been my favorite.

KRL: What has been the hardest/most challenging?

Camille: I guess the challenging thing at BB is keeping it fresh to keep viewers interested.

KRL: Do you have a favorite moment?

Camille: I think my favorite moment was the ending of our first official episode while Greg Ruud was singing a song and the entire cast and crew (Kylie Briggs, Daniel Hernandez, Dominic Grijalva) got together on camera and danced along.

KRL: A funnest moment?

Camille: There are so many moments, but the prominent one that comes to mind would have to be when Tango the cheetah from the Cat Haven was a guest on the show.

KRL: Do you think you might considering continuing to do something like this beyond Basically Brandon?

Camille: No, I think it stops here. This was only for fun and because Brandon asked me to be a part of the show.

KRL: What has this season been like?

Brandon: Wow, it’s been everything I’d hoped it would be and then some. It’s been wonderful, hilarious, entertaining, challenging, and so much more! As the shows progressed, we’ve constantly raised the stakes and I’m happy to say I think we’ve delivered interesting, funny, and important episodes this year.

KRL: Who all have you had as guests?


From Season 3-from left to right Brandon & Peter Allwine

Brandon: We’ve had a fabulous lineup this year! We started with Broadway actress Sara Gettelfinger and have talked to tons of local prominent actors, directors, artists, musicians, and beyond since then! They’ve shared their gifts with us and I’ve always loved that on Basically Brandon we strive to showcase great local talent.

KRL: Something we have in common. What were some of your favorite moments?

Brandon: This season has been extra special because we really got back to our roots! A live one-hour show every Wednesday night! I loved filming our Basically Brandon on the streets video where I walked around and interviewed random scared strangers. Besides that, I personally really loved all the one on one interviews this year. I think we figured out the right mix of getting out information while having a fun and silly forum for doing it.

KRL: Remind us all again exactly when and where we can find your show?

Brandon: Basically Brandon airs for an hour every Wednesday night live at 10:30 p.m. on! We re-run at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. every weekday morning and evening. Our gigantic and wilding hour and half Season 3 Finale Cabaret airs this coming Wednesday, September 24 at 10:30 p.m.! Something you for sure won’t want to miss!

KRL: Is it available archived anywhere?

Brandon: We put a lot of videos up on our YouTube account which can be found just by typing in “Basically Brandon.” Other then that episodes are consistently replaying at 10 p.m. on evenings on!


From Season 3-from left to right-Marisa Sanchez, Brandon, Edgar Gonzalez, Melinda Parrett, Julie Lucido. In Front-Joel Abels

KRL: When did you first start filming Basically Brandon?

Brandon: We started filming Season 1 in November of 2011! It’s insane how time flies and how the show itself has grown as a whole.

KRL: How many episodes will there have been all together after the one next week?

Brandon: Oh my gosh, I think after our Season 3 Finale this coming Wednesday September 24 we will have done around 80 episodes of Basically Brandon all together, something I know me and everyone who has worked on it are exceptionally proud of.

KRL: Tell us a little more about your last episode of the season?

BBBrandon: Our Season 3 Finale episode this Wednesday is really about just celebrating and looking back at all we’ve done. The finale will feature a series of interviews about upcoming shows such as The Addams Family at GCP and Breaking Up is Hard to Do at Reedley’s Opera House, but also we’ll be having a ginormous talent filled cabaret. We have an all-star lineup of local performers featuring performances by but not limited to: Emily Pessano, Peter Allwine, Jordan Litz, Shannah Estep, Sharon Burley, Kylie Briggs, Mark Norwood, Greg Ruud, Miguel Molinar, Miss K’s Dance Bungalow, and so much more! We’re really going all out and are ecstatic about some of the surprises and musical numbers we have in store. So don’t miss it! This Wednesday, September 24 on at 10:30 p.m.!

KRL: How do you feel the show has changed since you first started?

Brandon: The show has definitely evolved and I’m tremendously proud of that. Originally myself, Camille Gaston, Kylie Briggs, Greg Ruud, Daniel Hernandez, and Dominic Grijalva set out to do something unique and fun and we had a blast creating the show back in 2011. As time has gone on that vital foundation has stayed with the show, and the love and appreciation of theater we all had has grown 60 times brighter. I will forever appreciate all their hard work and dedication to the show! Without the five of them it never would have happened!

KRL: How do you feel you have grown as an interviewer?

Brandon: I love that the show has helped me grow as a person, an interviewer, and a performer. I think watching myself back has helped me learn more how to lead the conversations and make sure the interviews are always informational but full of fun and lighthearted. I hate listening to my speaking voice but that’s a problem for another day! Haha

KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Brandon: Thank you so much to Kings River Life for always supporting Basically Brandon! In addition, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has watched the show over these three crazy years! You’re dedication to us is what has kept us coming back! We appreciate you more than we can ever say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

KRL: You are very welcome! I hear rumors of a Christmas episode–can you tell us anything more about that?

Brandon: We’re not sure when we’ll be back exactly but if we get the chance we’d love to do holiday episodes this coming December here and there to feature local talent and fill people in on great holiday theater!

We had a lot of fun chatting with these two! Don’t miss the season 3 finale this Wednesday, September 24 on at 10:30 p.m.!

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