Dark Ascension By M.L. Brennan

Sep 19, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Terrance V. Mc Arthur

by Terrance Mc Arthur

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Diamonds are forever, but vampires aren’t.

In Dark Ascension, M. L. Brennan’s fourth Generation V novel, Madeline Scott, ruler of the paranormals in the Northeast US, is nearing the end of her existence. Who will rule her empire when she is gone? Prudence – whose problem-solving ends up with bodies needing burial? Chivalry – who wants things done the way Mummy always did them? Or…Fortitude (called Fort) – the youngest, who hasn’t crossed over into vamp maturity, and majored in film studies in college?

bookFort still works part-time as a karaoke bar waiter (which is a step up from some of his earlier jobs), but he is doing more Scott family business, dealing with succubi refugees, were-bears with autonomy issues, witches with a need to get out of town, ghouls trying to maintain their human-organ-eating lifestyle and elves that are still upset about their elders’ breeding programs that didn’t always include choice. He doesn’t want to be a vampire like the others he has known. He’s more social worker than overlord, trying to find non-violent solutions for a violent culture. His sidekick and girlfriend, Suzume, is a kitsune, a fox who can appear as a sexy girl with ninja skills, and she’s always ready to help and add a daily requirement of snark to their activities…for a price.

Earlier books in the series focused on solving a mystery: who killed the head werebear, why are little girls disappearing? This time, Brennan has spun a political thriller, as the vampire siblings jockey for position in an atmosphere that is ripe for revolution. Brennan’s re-imagining of vampire reproduction has created a more volatile paranormal world, and the slacker hero who tries to live a human life, rejecting what he is becoming, is a welcome antidote to the sparkly blood-drinkers and the swashbuckling cape-flappers that usually inhabit paranormal literature.

Fort isn’t a wimp. When the time comes to fight a powerful enemy, he’ll jump into the fray and do battle, but the battle he’ll never win is the war of the sexes with Suze, because foxes with mind-altering powers are even more willful than cats. The couple’s badinage and their first big fight are sparkling highlights of a book filled with changes, but opening the future to many possibilities.

The Generation V franchise still has a lot of life in it, even if Madeline is losing hers!

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