Fresno Bully Rescue: Spike’s Visit

Sep 17, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Spike

Fresno Bully Rescue shares their animal rescue adventures with us now every other month.

As told through the eyes of Fresno Bully Rescue adoptable dog, Spike.

Tonight I went with a really nice lady, she told me I was going for a special visit to a place called Windham Assisted Living Center. As we drove along, she filled me in about Windham. It was filled with wonderful seniors that love dogs and that they were excited to meet me. I wondered if they knew I was a Pitbull? People sometimes get a funny look on their face or refuse to pet me when they find out that I am one. It only makes me want to wag my tail a bit faster and my smile bigger!

When we arrived, all the senior citizens came out to greet me. They gathered happily and welcomed me with opened arms. I’ve never received so many hugs and kisses, I was in heaven! As I moved throughout the room, a lovely woman stopped me and gently cupped my face and held it close to hers. She spoke to me about her beloved dog that she could no longer have with her, that meeting me tonight was the nicest thing to happen to her in a very long time. As she kissed the top of my head, I could feel the love she once shared with him.

fresno bully


Soon it was time to leave, and everyone seemed so happy! I heard one of the nice folks say that they’d never met a Pitbull, that they’ve been afraid of us, but my visit changed all that! Boy does that make me want to keep on wagging my tail harder and smile a bit bigger! I was so happy to bring some joy to them since that’s exactly what I got in return. Thankfully one of my fellow shelter dog friends gets to visit every month! Now, on to my after visit chicken nuggets!

fresno bully

Editor’s Note: Spike was just adopted! Check out the photo of Spike and his new family!

Fresno Bully

Spike and his new family

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  1. Since Spike is a talented gerontologist, I am glad he found a good place to live.

  2. Love this story! It reminds me the first time my Mother in law met our baby girl Fiona she feel in love! Her comment was “You know I don’t think Fiona knows she’s a Pitbull. She’s a big love bug!” There are so many stertypes people carry with them that they at times are hard to break but at least now she sees how these dogs truly are and hopefully one day understand what’s she’s learned.


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