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Sep 16, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Joseph Riloquio

Joseph Riloquio is an Administrative and Humane Education Assistant with Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California. VAC shares their animal rescue adventures with us every month. Check out KRL’s interview with VAC to learn more about what they do.

Bear is a 10-year-old male German Shepherd who was recently brought back to Valley Animal Centre after spending four years with his previous adopters. He was originally rescued from a local animal control agency and brought to VAC five years ago where he quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. His huge personality combined with his size and fluffy fur coat earned him the name Bear.



Bear’s previous family loved him very much and gave him a great home. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of their control, they could no longer provide a home for him. With heavy hearts they brought Bear back to us hoping he would find a new home very soon.

At 10 years old, Bear is now one of our most senior dogs. It is an unfortunate reality that many of our senior animals are often overlooked for the puppies, kittens, and other younger animals in our care. For his age, Bear is in good health. His family took great care of him and his vet put him on anti-inflammatory medication to combat early stages of arthritis.

German Shepherds are part of the working dog group, and can be very high energy, even in their later years. If left without a job to do, they are prone to destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing, and even jumping fences to

Bear will need to go to a home that has experience with German Shepherds or a different care-intensive breed. He will need a proper diet to keep his weight down, and to help manage his arthritis and hip dysplasia, which are both common in this breed. Senior dog experience will also be needed to ensure his new owners can provide him the extra care he may require.

Bear is a very sweet dog with a lot of love left to give. He gets along well with most of the other dogs and would be good for any type of family. As a senior dog he is calm, but occasionally still has bursts of high energy. If you are interested in Bear, or any of our adoptable animals, stop by the Valley Animal Center’s adoption centers! We’re open seven days a week from 10 am-4:30 pm. You can also contact us at 559-233-8690.

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Joseph Riloquio is an Administrative and Humane Education Assistant at Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California.


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