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Sep 16, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Community, Education

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Thinking about their future profession, many students say that they would like to have a job where they can travel a lot around the world and communicate with people. Adults, by the way, are also passionate about nomad-like lives: today in Europe, tomorrow in Asia … You may say it’s just a dream. But we would answer – everything is possible with jobs that allow us to earn money traveling the world. What are they? Read below.

#1. Foreign language teacher

There is always a demand for good teachers. Specialists with knowledge of oriental languages are especially in demand now. Asian countries are developing very quickly, and their people are massively learning European languages.

And in general, a foreign language teacher will never lack! Want to work as a Spanish teacher in California? Easy! The good thing is that you can always go online if you often change locations.

#2. Guide

Learn the language and culture of the city you want to work in. And go on the journey of your dreams! At popular resorts, experienced guides are always in demand.

#3. Freelancer

What is their job? Well, any! A freelancer writes unique texts, creates designs, translates or creates programs and websites, and does it all remotely, working for themselves. A freelancer has the opportunity to work from any city in the world, collaborate with a large number of clients, and simultaneously run their own business.

For the third year in a row, the number of freelancers around the world is growing. This means only one thing – competition can be pretty severe. Before it’s too late, jump on this train – it’s definitely worth a try.

#4. Animator

It is a very creative profession and requires great talent and experience. If you don’t have both, then you can try to get a job, for example, on one of the most popular ships, Disney Cruise Line. But know that you will be required not only to know several languages, but also a diploma in pedagogical education.

#5. Au pair

If you know foreign languages and are willing to work with children, then au pair work may be a good option for you. An au pair lives with a host family in another country and takes care of children, helps them with their studies. The salary of such specialists is not large, but they are provided with full board (accommodation and meals are free). And as a bonus – the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the culture of another country.

#6. Photographer

As a rule, a traveling photographer takes pics of different parts of the world – beaches, park areas, mountain peaks, wildlife, amazing hotels, chic establishments, and the like. And the photographs, in turn, are sold to magazines, web resources, advertising agencies, book publications, or simply photo stocks. Or gives edited photos directly to customers, as a freelancer.

However, like bloggers or freelancers, there are many photographers. So remember, buying a smartphone doesn’t mean becoming a professional. You will need to invest in a good camera, as well as time to learn photo processing.

#7. Writer or content manager

In order to travel around the world, it’s not necessary to get a job in a travel company. You only need to become a professional in one area. And then you will have the opportunity to write articles for your favorite magazine or blog from anywhere in the world.

#8. Model

This job is not only for girls, guys in the modeling business are also given huge opportunities. Fashion houses present their collections in various cities of the world, so frequent travel is guaranteed for promising models.

#9. Cruise worker

Working on a private yacht or cruise ship is a good way to see different countries and visit exotic places. At the same time, the ship will provide you with free accommodation, food, insurance and a hotel in case of a stopover in another country. And on many large liners, there are separate shops, Internet cafes, gyms, and recreation areas with billiards, especially for crewmembers.

There are many types of work: chef, stewardess, tour manager, photographer, engineer, and many other vacancies. For some professions, it is not even necessary to know an additional language. To get on the liner, you need to conclude a contract with one of the companies and prepare the necessary documents. As a rule, all documents are paid by the employee, and the contract is concluded for at least 6 months.

If none of the professions suits you, remember that it can always be found online. The development of technology has changed the labor system that has been established for centuries. So now people can now work from almost anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. So Google and you will definitely find something to your liking.

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