God Knew I Needed A Dog

Sep 14, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, Pets

by Hazel Smith

I had enough poop in my life already.

For years, my children had hounded me for a family dog. As a big family with seven young children at the time, there was no way I was going to get a dog. It was more work, more expenses, and more poop. So, how on God’s green earth did everything change for me in one weekend?

Through a series of sudden, sad, and serendipitous events, we bought our first home just before my eighth child was born. It had plenty of room for our growing family, a fully fenced-in backyard, and was situated in a picturesque small town neighborhood. A dog was requested at that time, but I held firm in my late pregnancy with a clear no.

Fast forward to the next summer when the baby was one and I started taking the older kids to swim lessons. While I was away for two hours every morning my oldest (13) stayed home with the napping baby. Though I had many children, your first is your first, and I was breaking new ground by leaving her home alone with the baby no less. Our home was isolated with a church parking lot on one side and graveyard on the next. My mother’s heart was heavy as I thought of what could go wrong.

Maybe I read too many Nancy Drew or Stephen King stories growing up, but my mind couldn’t help but think that if I was going to commit a daytime burglary or worse, the morning when the big family van was away would be the time and place to do it. The perfect crime. This wasn’t cozy mystery territory though, this would be a parent’s nightmare. Pouring out my fears to my husband, I wished aloud for a home security system, something, anything that would deter someone with evil intent to turn away from our home and our precious treasures inside.

In a flash, every objection I had to owning a dog melted away. What if we had a wonderful, well-trained, well-loved family guard dog? Just one woof would give a criminal pause to reconsider and move on. We actually had been researching potential dog breeds for years, so when the time came, we would choose wisely. The time was upon us and within hours we found our first dog: a ten-week-old pure black Great Dane from a local family.

Xander, short for Alexander the Great..Dane, grew into everything I hoped he would be. At four years old and 112 pounds of lean, muscular gorgeousness, he’s actually small for his breed! It’s a mercy though for his joints and heart. He will live longer for it.

He made his way into my heart, onto my couch, and now, into my cozy mystery books as Monty, the gentle giant adopted by my main character Ivy Stone. They meet in Scotland in a fun mystery filled with plot twists, delicious foods, and a heartwarming conclusion that you can read for free HERE through Bookfunnel.

For years, Xander has brought me peace of mind knowing my family is safer. I don’t need a doorbell with this big boy around. He sleeps almost all day in his giant sunny crate as a low energy dog true to his breed. Two short walks, lots of slobber, and the dearest doggy friend you could ask for.

Xander’s literary doppelgänger adventures didn’t stop in Scotland. Monty is the faithful furry companion to his human Ivy who works as a maid in a posh London hotel. He gives her comfort, occasional headaches, and even saves the day! Such a good boy!

Though I never planned on getting a dog, God knew I needed one. The road that led me here has been full of twists and turns that prepared me for my roles as a mom, author, and dog owner. I look forward to what’s ahead in this writing adventure as I develop the quirky cast of human and furry characters in my books. All the joy, comfort and snuggles makes the poop worth it all.

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Hazel Smith is the pen name for an introverted homeschool mom who lives in small-town Canada. Faith, family, and food bring joy, hope, and occasional drama to her life. In between taking care of her family & home, her free time is spent creating cozy mysteries on the porch with her laptop or in her favorite wingback chair whilst nursing the baby and typing with one finger.
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