t.A.T.u.: Music Review

Sep 11, 2010 | Books & Tales, Jacob Alvarado, Music, Teens

by Jacob Alvarado

The girls of t.A.T.u.

I like music from different countries and my favorite is an alternative duo from Russia called t.A.T.U. These two women express all their feelings and cravings through melodies. Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova form the group t.A.T.u. These two girls have been friends since they were babies, and when they became teenagers decided that a singing group would be the best way to get out of Russia. They began writing songs about their lives and their first single, “Not Gonna Get Us”, is their anthem on how no matter what people say they will always be together.

Their first CD, 200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane, propelled them from being a small band in Russia to international superstars. Their next #1 hit was “All The Things She Said”, which tells the story of a friend betraying a friend ending in the girl’s exile. The 200 CD had many great songs but the rest couldn’t hold a candle to “Not Gonna Get Us”.

The group’s second album Dangerous and Moving increased their popularity. The song that sent this album to the top of the charts was “All About Us”. This heart racing song brings you into the minds of these two women as they describe that even if they were separated, their friendship and love would never let them be torn apart. Another exciting song is “Friend or Foe”. This song was extremely important because it referenced the rumors about the duo splitting up.

In 2007, t.A.T.u took a break to have time with family, among other reasons. In 2008, they released their third and final album Happy Smiles. It didn’t do as well as the previous albums but there were a couple #1’s on the iTunes charts.

One thing the group does is stick to their roots. On each album there are at least five songs sung in Russian. The most controversial one is “Beiley Plaschick” or “White Robe”. It tells a story about a pregnant girl who is about to be executed, and about her last night in her white jail robe. Another wonderful song is “Gomensai” which means I’m sorry in Japanese. Yulia wrote it for Lena when the group was calling it quits. The song describes how the bond they have made was so strong, and even though this is the end, they will be friends forever.

The thing I like best about t.A.T.u. is that they sing about how friends are the best thing in life.

Jacob Alvarado is 18 years old and a contributor to our Teen Talk section, oft bringing us an inside look at local theatre due to his love of performing.


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