Essential Things to Bring When Traveling to California

Sep 10, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Travel

by staff

California is among the top tourist spots in the world. This beautiful western state in the US draws in millions of tourists every year, many of whom want to witness its diverse landscape, culture, and experience fun travel activities, such as hiking, skiing, and swimming. paid post

Some areas of California are also known for their Mediterranean-like climate. Even other areas of the state don’t tend to have much in the way of extremely cold winters, unlike some parts of the United States. Even in winter, freezing temperatures are rare in most places; though some areas can have extreme heat in the summer.

Despite this reasonably great climate in a lot of the state all year round, your inexperience of the place as well as seasonal nuances will make it hard for you to choose what to pack for your travel. So, if you’re traveling to California, read this essential packing list before you embark on your journey.

People in California typically wear a trendy, laid-back style of clothing. Here’s a list of clothing items you might want for your travel.

• 4 Tops. Traveling in California during the summer, spring, or fall requires you to bring one long-sleeved top and three T-shirts or short-sleeved polo shirts. If you’re visiting during winter, pack at least two long-sleeved and two short-sleeved tops and a jacket.
• 2 Tank Tops. Bring two tank tops if you’re going to the beautiful beaches in California. This type of clothing is comfortable to wear, especially during the warmer weather.
• 1 Pair of Pajamas. Go for a pair of pajamas to make you comfy during your sleep. You can match it with a tank top.
• 1 Pair of Jeans. When traveling, it’s always smart to pack one pair of jeans that can match a formal, semi-formal, or informal top. It’s advisable to go for a darker pair of jeans as it can suit well with any occasion.
• 1-2 Pairs of Shorts. In summer, you can bring two pairs of shorts. In the winter season, you might still want to bring shorts, depending on where you are going.
• 1 Pair of Hiking Pants or Leggings. Pack a pair of hiking pants if you’re planning for a hiking adventure. Go for a lightweight pair or one that’s convertible between shorts and pants. You may also want to bring an excellent pair of yoga pants or leggings.
• 1-2 Swimsuits. For sure, you want to enjoy swimming or do some water sports while in California. In this case, pack one or two swimsuits for your travel.
• Semi-Formal or Formal Wear. This type of clothing is only advisable to pack if you’re planning to go to a fancy restaurant or a formal event in your travel.
• 5-7 Pairs of Underwear/Socks. For socks and underwear, bring at least five to seven pairs (depending on how long you are going to be gone), especially if you’re someone who doesn’t want to do laundry often.

You should have your outerwear ready in your travel essentials, especially during not-so-warm days or winter season in California. Here are some picks to take note of.

• 1 Warm Sweater. A sweater can make you look smart during colder days, and you can layer it under a jacket to keep you warm.
• 1 Ultralight Down Jacket. This type of clothing is ideal for a chilly morning or evening in California.
• 1 Rain Jacket. Although you won’t encounter much rain in California, it’s still smart to bring a waterproof jacket in case of unfavorable weather.

There’s a lot of footwear that you can choose, of course. But, when traveling, it’s crucial to pack smartly. Here are some types of footwear that you can bring for your travel.

• Flip-Flops. You will need flip-flops when you’re on the beach or just chilling in the lodging house you’re staying.
• 1 Pair of Travel Shoes. You should always have a nice, stylish pair of shoes when traveling. Go for ones that are durable and have excellent support. You can also choose a pair of boots that can protect you during the cold of winter.

Aside from clothing items, you also need to pack some accessories for both style and functionality.

• Towel. It’s a good idea to bring a packable towel when traveling, especially if you have to spend some days on the beach.
• Hat. In California, you may want a hat to protect you from the dazzling sunlight.
• Sunglasses. Like the hat, you should wear sunglasses for protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Of course, they are also perfect to put on some style on your trip.

Unless you’re traveling to take a break from using gadgets, you should keep in mind these devices that you should bring in your trip.

• Smartphone. If you need to update someone from home on your travel, it’s advisable to bring your phone with you. Choose a smartphone that has an awesome camera for taking photos of your trip.
• Headphones. Bring a pair of headphones on your travel if you just can’t live without music or your favorite podcast.
• Powerbank. This device is essential when you want to charge your gadgets while on the go.
• Watch. Aside from being a functional device, a wristwatch is also a sort of fashion statement. Look for GMT travel watches like the Omega Seamaster for that purpose. Watches seem to be gaining popularity again.

Now you know what items to bring on your trip to California. Packing shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. Just bring the things that will be useful in your journey. Keep in mind some of the items in the checklist above if you want to pack smartly for your travel.

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