Job Hunters: Web Series Review

Sep 7, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Jayce Ham, Web Series & Vlogs

by Jessica Runnels

Web series have been my growing obsession for the last year. The episodes are shorter than a normal TV show and easier to catch up on seeing as they are on YouTube. Of all of the web series I have watched, Job Hunters is definitely the best. It is a dystopian style story, like The Hunger Games, but instead of competing to be free from their gloomy lifestyle, the characters of Job Hunters are competing for jobs. They are sent by the MAEWIN Corporation, to a house full of recent college graduates and they have to live with them until they receive a job offer. The catch is they have to survive out in the arena until they are offered a job! They choose a weapon and have at it. While they are inside the house though, there is no fighting allowed, but what’s the point in making friends with people you have to kill right?

Job Hunters cast

The main characters develop friendships throughout the show and things get interesting. My favorite character, Avery, is played by my favorite YouTuber, Kristina Horner. She even produces the show and is one of the creators. Many YouTubers and great Seattle based actors are in this show. Many of them will go on to incredible things in the acting world I am sure.

The show is funny, violent, dramatic and perfect. I think everyone should watch it. If you have never watched a web series before, Job Hunters will definitely get you hooked on them. So go watch Job Hunters season 1 (season 2 coming soon) on and then tell me what you think!

Jessica Runnels is 20 years old and an ongoing contributor; with dreams of being on Broadway, she’s right at home covering Entertainment.


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