Reedley High School Teacher Profile, Alexander Busch

Aug 31, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Education, Reedley News

by Asami Nelson

Among the social science teachers at Reedley High, Alexander Busch originates from Reedley and was a former student at the high school. He utilizes this feature to connect with students and understand their high school lives. After graduating from Reedley High and attending UC Santa Cruz, he taught English in the Czech Republic, primarily in the capital city of Prague located in the midst of the European country. Being articulate in both English and Czech, he visits and lives in the country each summer in order for his family to experience both cultures.

“I like how his teaching method is about letting students doing their own thinking and him being more of a helper than someone who bosses us around. He lets us have a voice in the classroom,” Luz Lemus, a senior in the AP Macroeconomics class, commented about being in one of Busch’s classes.

Busch’s AP Human Geography class.

Another senior, Angel Ortuno, in the AP Macroeconomics class stated, “I like how he’s an understanding teacher, and I like his teaching method as well, when he lets the students do their work and throw in some of their ideas and thoughts during his lectures.”

Busch is fond of educating students not only about the economics and structure of the Czech Republic, but of other countries worldwide. He teaches Modern World History, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Human Geography (AP standing for Advanced Placement and allowing students to receive college credit at a college-class level). Busch receives a variety of students and grades in each of his classes, and enjoys the diversity of Reedley High.

Busch with his daughters enjoying a scenic view of nature.

English teacher Jennifer Moore had several thoughts about Busch’s teaching methods and his role at RHS. “Mr. Busch is motivated, highly intelligent, and an excellent human being. He is the co-advisor for the Students for Peace club, and has the most respect for the integrity he brings to the teaching profession. He is a former Pirate, and I feel that he really believes in this school and it’s students that he brings inspiration to.”

When asked about why he chose to become a teacher at Reedley High, Busch replied, “I love learning things and teaching is the easiest way to change the world for the better. Social science is the most colorful discipline in my eyes. Reedley is a great place to raise kids, and I enjoy interacting with so many uniquely great people.”

Busch with one of his classes.

Being a great asset to the RHS staff, Busch not only encourages students to be academically educated, but also knowledgeable about the world and it’s cultures. His positive impact remains in the many groups of students who have graduated from RHS and will be present in future students. The social science department is fortunate to have an exceptional and enthusiastic teacher as Alexander Busch.

Asami Nelson is 17, a senior, and hopes to attend Stanford University as a Biology major, planning to become a microbiologist.


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