Axis of Action: Web Series Review

Aug 30, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Web Series & Vlogs

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we have a review of a fun new web series, along with an interesting interview with the show’s creator Kyle Cowgill!

Axis of Action: Web Series Review

With the Streamys coming up soon (online video’s version of the Emmy Awards), a lot of people are thinking about web series right now, something we at KRL have been keeping an eye on and reporting about for a while. Web series come in all different shapes and sizes, with all different kinds of budgets and target audiences. This week we are reviewing a new web series that premiered in July, and this one is just plain fun–Axis of Action.

Axis of Action premiered on July 30 and has six episodes in all, with the final one airing September 3. The show features a young couple-Kyle and Amy-whose problems always seem to turn into a movie. Episode 1, The Man With the Golden Pen, is a take on a spy movie. We also have pirates, kung fu, a western and a musical episode. Now let’s be honest, who of us have not day dreamed about our lives being like a movie? Well Kyle Cowgill, the show’s creator and lead actor, have made that dream come true. If you are looking for something that’s just plain fun, don’t miss this one. It’s quirky, funny, filled with action, and is something I honestly think most of us can relate to even though our lives don’t really become action movies. My favorite episode is the musical one as I have a soft spot for musicals, and while it’s definitely a comedy, there’s also some pretty good singing going on.web series

Check out our interview with Kyle below, and go check out this show! Each episode is just 3:30 minutes so you can hop over and starting watching now, or once they’ve all aired you could easily binge watch.

Interview with the creator of Axis of Action:

KRL: How and when did the idea for this series come about?

Kyle: The idea came to me after watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I loved that movie! My mind was racing as I walked back to my car, searching for ways to make something as fun and exciting. Now I didn’t have 150 million and I’m not Tom Cruise so I had to make some adjustments.
Pirate Pic 2

KRL: What was involved in making it a reality?

Kyle: Aside from time, dedication, trust, praying, crying and asphyxiating, it took lots of people willing to waste lots of time.

KRL: Do you have past experience with web series?

Kyle: My previous web series, Policeman Jerry, is one of the funniest things on the internet. No false modesty – that series rocks, and that has little to do with me but everything to do with the star, Noah Sife. For real, search for Policeman Jerry.

KRL: Other entertainment related background?

Kyle: I work in the industry primarily as a producer and editor, but my YouTube channel (KyletheDingbat) hosts my life’s creative work.

KRL: How did you cast the show?

Kyle: Casting the role of Amy was quite an undertaking. I held seven casting sessions and saw pretty much every actress in LA that wasn’t famous. Kelly Park showed a high, spontaneous energy. The other roles, aside from Andrew Berkovich who plays the heavy in the silent film episode, were all filled by friends.web series

KRL: Was it difficult to come up with the funding?

Kyle: There was no funding besides my paycheck, so I suppose the answer is yes, it was hard work coming up with the money. Until now I’ve avoided using Kickstarter because I believe it’s my responsibility to make content for the audience, not their responsibility to fund my creative endeavors. But if I get a ravenous enough following I’ll try crowd funding. Or who knows? Maybe even without it if I get desperate.

KRL: When did it go live?

Kyle: Series premiered July 30th! A day I never thought would come.

KRL: Are there more episodes coming?

Kyle: There are 6 episodes in total, the last one going live on September 3.

KRL: What are you future goals and hopes for this series?

Kyle: I’m all out of goals, but I hope my series finds a wider audience. That’s always the case though, and I’m happy with whoever watches and enjoys. As far as Season 2, I’m certainly open for it but I’m not going to press for it. If there is a demand, I will rise from my slumber.

KRL: Do you have other web series in the work?

Kyle: Okay I lied, I won’t be slumbering. I have three other web series written and I intend to make all of them. One is a surfer comedy, one is a rom-com, and the other is straight unfiltered comedy.

KRL: Where do people find the episodes?


KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Kyle: Thanks for running some print on Axis of Action! Much love to King’s Life Magazine.

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