Great Food Search: Take It Home and Eat It There

Aug 29, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Terrance V. Mc Arthur, The Great Food Search

by Terrance Mc Arthur

What do you do for food during the pandemic?

Do you sit in a restaurant with other people, hoping that nobody is infected?

Do you hide in your home and try to survive on your year’s supply of chewy granola bars?

Do you look for minimum-contact food places where you can order and pick up without fear? Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do with these play-it-safe editions of The Great Food Search.

Let’s go, and see what we can find…

Fish tacos

La Haciendita—1845 Academy Ave., Sanger—It’s always been a good place for Mexican food, but La Haciendita is doing its best during the Covid-19 crisis. There are tables outside for breakfast service on the weekends, the staff wears masks in the kitchen and at the registers, and they have SPECIALS! We called ahead the night they had Family Tacos. Salsa, chips, refried beans, rice, and your choice of beef or fish tacos. We chose fish tacos.

A metal pan held a dozen fish tacos that rocked the fish! Oh, they were good, and a bunch of lemons in the tray and a bag to give that added oomph. Good rice, tasty beans, and we were still chomping on those chips ten days later (That’s a lot of chips)! Loads of filling food.

Aloha! From Ono Hawaiian BBQ!

Ono Hawaiian BBQ—5075 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno—It used to be a Del Taco, but now it’s a place where every conversation starts with “Aloha!” You can order ahead by phone, but I zoomed over after work, and the drive-up line was short. The Family Meal included Steamed Rice, Macaroni Salad, veggies, and three meats. I chose Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and BBQ Beef. I’m fond of chicken, and this was excellent, but I swooned over those strips of moist and tender beef. By the way, that was a serious macaroni salad, and their masks were good-looking.

The Pizza Hut app makes it easy to get good stuff!

Pizza Hut—624 S. Clovis Ave., Fresno—In my years of working across the street from this tidy little chain outlet, this was my first order, and it was hands-off. I ordered lunch, chose a time, and paid with my app, drove up, clicked “I’m here” on my phone, and my order was brought out to me by properly-masked staff. Wow! I had a Pepperoni Calzone that was very friendly, and an order of Boneless Wings with a garlic Sauce that put joy in my heart. I even had enough for lunch the next day, so it didn’t make my day—It made TWO of them!

The shakes at Rally’s can make you go BANANAS!

Rally’s—4818 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno—I’m starting to load up my phone with food chain apps. Rally’s is another where you can choose your pick-up time, order, and pay without leaving your phone. I went for a Mother Cruncher Chicken Sandwich (I do not make up these menu names), fries, and a Banana Shake. The chicken was crunchy, the fries were skin-on—which I like, and it isn’t everywhere you can get a Banana Shake! Rally’s makes their fare in iddy-biddy drive up locations, but the food is filling, and their masks were on.

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At Rice on Wheels, the Pad Thai is the peanuttiest!

Rice on Wheels—5544 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno—Maria’s Tacos used to be the grab-and-go wagon at the southwest corner of East Kings Canyon Road and South Clovis Avenue, but they moved north to a brick-and-mortar location next to Pizza Hut. Do not put wreaths at the old location, for there is a new food wagon behind the Supercuts—Rice on Wheels! You can get sticky rice, chicken, beef, and…Pad Thai! Sprouts, peanuts, peanuts, and noodles—quick and tasty.

The Verdict—I do like La Haciendita’s fish tacos, but my winner of the month is definitely Ono Hawaiian BBQ! Aloha, everybody!

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Terrance V. Mc Arthur is a Librarian in Fresno County, California. He is also a storyteller, puppeteer, magician, and maker of pine needle baskets. On top of that he writes stories that range from rhymed children’s tales to splatterpunk horror. He’s an odd bird, but he’s nice to have around.


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