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Aug 26, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Comedian Thai Rivera will be performing at Bullfrogs Bar and Grill on August 30 at 8 p.m. Thai grew up in Arizona, moved to Las Vegas at 19, and then eventually ended up in Los Angeles to pursue a career in stand up comedy. According to his press release, he has become a favorite with audiences, bookers and fellow comics. Thai is a Laugh Factory regular and can be seen in the upcoming movie Dirty Jokes as well as comedy venues and college campuses all over the country.

Thai Rivera

KRL recently had the chance to do a quick interview with Thai.

KRL: How did you get into doing comedy?

Thai: Well, I was working in an office, living in Phoenix and pretty well hating my life, so one night I was watching Ellen DeGeneres’ Here and Now on TV and thought to myself, I can do that. Around that same time I ended up just randomly hearing about an open mic. I wrote out a set, I got on stage, I forgot EVERYTHING I had written and went way under the five minutes I was allotted but people laughed at the stuff I did remember and they seemed to like me alright so I kept doing it.

KRL: How long have you been doing it?

Thai: About 8 years.

KRL: Do you just perform in California?

Thai: No, I’m based out of LA so I’ve done a lot of stuff in So Cal and I’ve also done a lot in Northern California as well, but I’ve performed EVERYWHERE. I’ve been all over the Continental United States as well as Hawaii, Australia and Greenland–I’ve even performed on the back of a flat bed truck in San Felipe, Mexico.

KRL: Tell me about your part in the movie mentioned in your bio and how that happened?

Thai: Technically my bio is old and I NEED to update it. Dirty Jokes the Movie was done by a couple of old school comics by the name of the Murray Langston and Vic Dunlop. Murray is best known as the Unknown Comic off of the old Gong Show which my parents were pretty jazzed about but I really just agreed to do it because I needed money to have my eyebrows done. So anyway, the movie is basically a bunch of comics acting out dirty jokes, like the kind your uncle would tell you or you would hear at a bar. Alright so I pretty much told you all that because I think it might be a bit too dirty to describe the actual joke that I was acting out. Let’s just say, I was a man being examined by a Dr. So far nothing has been done with the movie but these things happen. I’d imagine it’ll get the green light when I make it big so you might still wanna be on the look out for it 😉

KRL: What makes your comedy unique from all the other comedy acts out there?

Thai: I’m funny.

KRL: What are your future goals?

Thai: I plan to at some point be the biggest comic in the world, but for now it’s just about staying on the road and letting people see me and get to know me.

If you’d like to catch Thai’s act, check out his show August 30 at Bullfrogs Bar and Grill, 38743 Hwy 99, Kingsburg, CA 93631. You can call for more info 559-897-5166 or check out their website. According to Thai’s bio, his comedy is a blend of sarcasm, edge, and charm, and is the can’t miss recipe for a night full of laughter.

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