Things to Pack In Your Backpack When Taking That Local Day Hike

Aug 23, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Travel

by staff

Are you ready to go and try out that local day hike you have often heard about? Then there are several things that you need to prepare and pack in your backpack before you head out. Going out for a hike presents you with a great opportunity to explore nature outside. It also helps you to get away from the busy city life and relax your mind and body. Being out in nature helps boost your mood and improve your physical and respiratory health as well.

Just before you head out, you need to consider the location of the hike and the weather conditions that are prevalent in that area. This way, you can prepare yourself adequately and have a good hike with either family or friends. This article highlights some of the essentials you should have with you as you go for a local day hike. These include:

A First Aid Kit
Anything can happen out in the wild. It does not matter whether you will only hike in the daytime or not, a first aid kit is a major necessity. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself with a fully stocked first aid kit. The kit should have bandages, spirit, blister pads, and CBD balm. CBD balms will help in relieving any pain you might experience while hiking. If you do not have a first aid kit at home, you can get one from the nearest pharmacy.

The Proper Footwear

Footwear is very important in any hike. Depending on the terrain, you will need sturdy shoes. Carrying the normal sporting shoes in rough and elevated terrain will make your hiking experience quite hectic. Carry hiking boots for such a terrain. Also, hiking boots have ankle support, which will help you stay steady and safe. However, if the hike involves smooth terrain, sporting or normal hiking shoes will do the job just fine. Your hiking shoes should be waterproof in case the hike involves crossing streams.

Trekking Poles
These poles help you move with ease downhill or uphill. It avoids slides that may lead to serious injuries. There are various types of trekking poles. Depending on the member of the family using them, the poles are adjustable to any length to ensure everyone has an easy time during the day hike.

Hiking is a physical exercise, and therefore, you should have a snack to help boost your energy. You need a lot of energy, especially on elevated terrain. There are various types of snacks that you can carry. They include:

Dried Fruit
Dried fruit is one of the best snacks to take for a short hike. Apples and bananas are some of the well-known energy boosters for hikers.

Energy Bars
Take some energy bars with you to help you boost your energy when you feel faint during a hike. Also, ensure that the energy bars are made out of natural materials.

It goes without saying that you need to hydrate all through the hike. Therefore, you need to carry enough water depending on the duration of the hike. It is also advisable to carry a water filter for your hike. In case your water runs out, you can safely consume river or lake water. This is because the water filter will remove any harmful substances such as lead and dirt from the water and make it safe for consumption.

Day Pack
You will need a light day pack that will fit all the items you will require for the hike. A light day pack will help you have an easy time hiking. The day pack should have side pockets where you can place and easily retrieve the water bottle without having to stop.

You may never know when the weather might change. Carry a rain jacket in your day pack to be prepared. Also, wear a light shirt in case the weather is too hot. You can opt to carry sunglasses and a hat to prevent sunburns.
All the above materials will help you have a memorable day hike in your local area. In addition, you will have a much-needed connection to nature and expose you to a tranquil environment that will help boost your focus on your work projects.

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