Book Review: Life after College

Aug 1, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Education

by Ashley Gill

The period after graduating from college determines the direction of your life. They determine your career bearing and even that of personal growth and development. A college leaver needs a lot of wisdom and knowledge to navigate the twenties.

Jenny Blake in Life after College gives the necessary tips to achieve this. The book is well arranged in definitive chapters each handling a core life perspective. She provides a clear guidance on the Career development, Relationships, and even the management of Finances. Jenny provides an outline of expected guidelines of life’s issues but clearly explains that there is no manual for success in life. She uses her life as an example in the various situations to give the clear, concise picture of the struggles for success in life. Her outlined essays help writers advance their skills in communicating their message to the world. The book is a clear framework for helping almost all people (not necessarily the college leavers alone) articulate their dreams and attain personal satisfaction.1

Blake divides the message into ten topics that include work, life, money, relationships, dating, home, money, fun, personal growth and home. Each section concisely handles the current stereotypes in the modern world and how to navigate through them. The book gives inspirations from possible negativity and hurdles. She handles effectively how environment and its effect on us in the personal growth section. Life after college is incredible if only you would allow it to be. Allowing it involves following the recommended guidelines by Blake, though not copy-pasting them as the real world has no unique formula for success. The topics may be intertwined, but Blake explains them exclusively, and the notions involved in each. The book’s outline is remarkable and will surely be of utmost importance to the college leavers and any other person interested.2

The book explains the life issues simply. The most valuable quote from the Life section is Live big but Start small. She gives her picture of the quote with the explanation on the Grand Canyon. She says that you cannot cross the Grand Canyon in two small steps. This quote applies well in most life situations especially the development option.

Whenever making out business successes, it would be the small decisions and actions that would contribute to the overall success of the enterprise. Even though you cannot cross the Grand Canyon in two small steps, you could take many steps to reach the other side. Undoubtedly, this relates to Blake’s outline on personal growth. She describes the many steps you could undertake after college to grow career-wise and even in personal relationships or life.

The tone and the outline used will surely impress anyone. Blake uses an inclusive tone and framework that does not get too preachy like most motivational books. The sections have pre-requisite questions that entice the reader to think through his/her opinion as she anticipates Blake’s perspective. These serve to make the reader think even beyond the outlined description and how they could apply them in real life situations.

Jenny Blake’s book is an ideal recommendation for any college graduate. It can help you deal with the worries and frustration synonymous with the life after college. It can also help you redeem yourself and redefine your destiny. The book is an invaluable resource for young people.



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