Seven Awesome Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a House Party

Jul 28, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Community

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Hosting a house party can be fun, hectic, or both simultaneously. You are responsible for all the decisions at a house party and are in control of setting the party mood.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. If you do not handle things well, your guests may not welcome another invitation.

A good host must put together a relevant meal plan, seating arrangement, décor, etc. On top of that, the choice of music, party games, entertainment, and theme goes a long way.

An excellent social gathering is where everyone can enjoy, eat, and get good company without going wrong. A messy table, food spillage, thrashing, and knocking down of stuff are things that could go wrong. A good party host always has a backup plan in such instances.

For example, prepare your cleaning supplies and clean them immediately if anything spills. You could hire someone to clean and clear things on the spot or replace your cutlery with plastic items, especially if it’s a kids’ party.
With that said, here’s a step-by-step guide on ensuring your house party is an instant hit.

1. Get all Party Supplies
First, get all the relevant party supplies to execute a perfect house party plan. It can include decorative items, centerpieces, renting porta potties for festivals and large events, speakers, party hats, and other stuff that go with the theme.

Getting everything in place will help put your mind at ease. You can then try the best way to use your supplies according to your requirements and convenience.

Before ordering supplies, you must consider the type of event, the number of guests, and the type of guests.
You may also have to rearrange your house furniture to make room for the party. Select an appropriate room or rooms to host the party. You can also do it outside. It is crucial to consider the party space before ordering party supplies.

2. Choose Your Sound Setup
Think about it, if you are planning to hire a DJ, a band, a singer, a musical instrument player, or play music on the speakers.

For a band or a DJ, you can easily set up a small stage in the center corner of the party space, with all the appropriate sound equipment. Alternatively, have a good party playlist to keep all the guests in the party mood and excite them during a celebration.

For a good sound system to work, you must ensure that the voice does not echo, is not too high-pitched, and does not stop midway.

You must select a place around your house where you expect good sound delivery. In addition, you must also make sure that the loud music does not interrupt or disturb the neighbors.

3. Prepare the Guest Room
Your bedrooms and bathrooms may carry personal or precious items you do not want anyone to look at. Some guests do have a habit of snooping around as well.

To stop that from happening, only use one bedroom that guests can use. Remove any personal belongings from that room. Ideally, only make the guest room accessible to guests.

Make sure that one room is clean and has fancy bed sheets. Ensure the bathroom has a good brand of soap, a clean, dry towel, or any other essential items.

You can also arrange for a portal toilet placed outdoors by renting it. It will work well for bigger events with more people.

4. Prepare a Snack Table
Unless you are having a dinner party, always prepare a lavish spread of snacks. If you hire caterers, they may take care of it.

Alternatively, if you are in charge, ensure the table has enough napkins, tissues, water bottles, toothpicks, and the like apart from the snacks. Placing beautiful centerpieces like flowers and candles will make it more inviting.

Have more than enough cutlery suitable for each edible on the table. Select separate spoons and bowls for desserts and cake. Arrange a different steamer or cooler with glasses and mugs for tea, coffee, or cold drinks.

To protect tablemats, cover them with plastic. Alternatively, use mats made of plastic, making them easier to wash.

5. Select a Party Theme
A theme will coordinate everything in your party. You must select your decoration, music, songs, etc., according to it.

Before deciding on a theme, see what kind of theme will be easier and look good according to your house’s interior and ambiance. Then, decide how you can spruce up the place a bit more to make it more entertaining.

Throwing a Halloween house party would not be too difficult, especially if you do it every year or every house in the neighborhood sports a Halloween theme.

You can take inspiration from around you. Alternatively, if you are going with a completely new theme, then discussing it with a party planner is better. They will be able to guide you and advise you on the best way to go about it.

6. Ensure Ample Lighting

No party can be a success without studio-level lighting under which your guests can take stunning photos.
Never leave a party too dark unless you want to dim the lights for a dance performance or a special announcement for a dramatic effect.

You can also rent lighting equipment for your party. While at it, make sure to light up your house’s exterior, especially if the party is at night. Brighten up your front gate to make it easier for guests to enter.

7. Set Up a Bar Corner

Instead of arranging for a big beer cooler to keep all the drinks cold, set up a small bar corner. Hire a professional or a friend to tend to the bar. Ensure you have more beer in a freezer or a pantry, just in case you run out.

Make sure the bar comes with a cooler with ample space. Also, stock up enough glasses.


Setting up your house is an essential element of planning a house party. You must see how much space you have and how much you can do with it.

After all, to be a good host and have a fantastic party with zero mess-ups, you must be practical and think of everything.

A better way to start is to get all your party supplies and set them up the best way possible. Select your theme, sound system, and music in sync with the party type and guests.

Have a lavish spread of snacks, set up a bar corner, ensure ample lighting, and prepare the guest room with a bathroom well in advance.

In short, follow the tips mentioned above for organizing a memorable party for years.

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