Planes: Fire and Rescue: Movie Review

Jul 28, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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Planes: Fire and Rescue is a sequel to Disney’s first Planes movie. The first movie focused on the dust cropper plane, Dusty, who wanted to be a racer. This story is similar to the first movie but instead of a racer, he wants to fight fires.

movieDusty finds that his gearbox is damaged from racing and he can’t go into the red or he will crash which means he can no longer race. When Dusty tries to still race he crashes into the airport in his hometown, which starts a fire. Mayday, who is the only fire truck for the airport, gets the fire out but is then sited for many safety regulations and is told there needs to be two firefighters for the job or they will shut down the airport. This leads Dusty into training to become an Ariel firefighter. He trains with a helicopter named Blade Runner and his team at a National Forest. Dusty finds it is not easy and almost gives up but then a huge forest fire breaks out and he helps save the vacationers by joining the team to put out the fire. The fire grows so large that the park must be evacuated. Through this emergency Dusty learns what fighting fires is all about and makes some new friends along the way.

Planes: Fire and Rescue has a similar story as the first Planes movie where Dusty overcomes obstacles to become a racer. The animation is very well done and the fires on the screen come alive, so much so that it may scare some younger viewers. I found it interesting that Blade Runner turns out to formerly be a TV star on a 70s type cop show. Planes: Fire and Rescue has a more serious storyline then the first movie but it’s still a fun summer movie for the family.

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