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Jul 16, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Teens

by Amanda Hager

Armen Majarian is the current owner of Dinuba Lanes bowling alley in Dinuba. He has been the owner since 2004 and in the years since he has provided the community with great bowling entertainment. As an employee myself of Dinuba Lanes, I have seen the immense amount of fun people have when they visit the bowling alley. To watch the families bowl and compete against one another is what keeps the bowling alley alive and well. It is a great and fun way to enjoy time with friends and family, especially on rainy days when other activities may be limited.

I interviewed Armen and got the essential information of the “what’s what” of Dinuba Lanes according to him. Armen has given Kings River Life readers a special deal that is detailed at the end of the interview. Just mention the article and he will give you the special price offer.

Amanda: How is Dinuba Lanes a fun summertime activity?

Armen: There isn’t any entertainment venue in Dinuba that offers what Dinuba Lanes offers. For up to 10 people on 1 lane, you are given a free large 16 inch pizza, 10 endless soft drinks, free bowling shoes at your desire, (normal tennis shoes are okay to bowl with) and 1 hour of bowling fun for only $7.50 a person, the package as a whole is $75. This is the best value for entertainment in Dinuba.

Amanda: Is there any summertime specials we can expect to see throughout the summer?

Armen: Listed as above, the summertime special is the same but is at the price of $6.50 a person.

Amanda: When did you buy Dinuba Lanes, and what inspired you to own a bowling alley?

Armen: Well, I was visiting my cousin in Dinuba and I was looking at purchasing the market across [the] street from the bowling alley, and my cousin brought up that Dinuba Lanes was for sale and they offered to be my partner in owning the business. We have been doing so since 2004.

Amanda: Do you have any future goals you are planning for the alley?

Armen: I am planning on selling it to a business that is more efficient at doing a better job at upkeep and etc. The bowling alley needs to go to the next level for entertainment and it requires deep pockets to do so, which I unfortunately do not have. The value to the customer is still there but needs stepping up to the next level to keep up with entertainment demands. Dinuba Lanes is still the best bowling alley in Valley, but needs more to attract more people.

Amanda: As an employee, I have heard stories from previous employees that the alley is haunted, what is your opinion on that? Have you ever experienced any “haunting” encounters?

Armen: (Laughs) I think if you go to any place and you hear unusual noises it would appear to be haunted, as bizarre as it is, I’m sure it was just the element of a dark building with minimal lighting and a strong active mind. Or just a mere light reflection taken out of context.

What kind of party options do you offer for younger children’s birthdays?

Armen: We have a party room available for youngsters who wish to have a party room available. But we don’t really specialize in parties. We let the parents provide everything, giving their child the birthday environment. We have no problem with this; we permit the parents to bring decorations, banners, cake, etc. Just no outside food. We have no other restrictions for parties as long as they clean up afterwards.

Amanda: What are the summer hours the alley is open?

Armen: Monday and Thursday: 6pm-9pm
Friday: 5pm-11pm
Saturday: 3pm-11pm
Sunday: 3pm-9pm
Tuesday, Wednesday: by reservation only

Amanda: With the movie theatre being right across the street, do you feel any competition or do both businesses work together in bringing business?

Armen: We used to have a venture together but has stopped because it was difficult to adhere to different hours and as we are competitors. They do a good job servicing the community. As do we, but a little entertainment comes with some exercise.

Amanda: Speaking of competition, with this hot summer heat I bet it is hard to compete with water parks, how do you keep the alley afloat and maintain business during the summer?

Armen: Very difficult, people want be outdoors, but we do have our air conditioners working, so it is more economical to come here. We can’t compete with water parks, during the summer people don’t want be cooped up. I can’t blame them; it’s nice to be outside with fresh air.

Amanda: Any further comments?

Armen: I think our summer special is the best we can offer for the value. Air conditioning is available. Our prices are great but can only go so low. I stand behind that.

Special Summer Price Just For Kings River Life!
-Up to 10 bowlers
-1 lane
-1 hour of bowling
-Free 16 inch pepperoni pizza
-Free endless soft drinks for 10
-Free bowling shoes for 10, normal tennis shoes are okay
-$5.00 per person
**Whole package just $50**
Hurry offer ends 9/15/11!!

Amanda Hager is 17 years old & a senior at Reedley High School where she is a member of the Pirate Marching Band. She began writing in 5th grade & has always had a passion for it, winning some writing contests over the years.


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