The Blue Diamond, A Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery By Leonard Goldberg: Review/Giveaway

Jul 9, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Kathleen Costa, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Kathleen Costa

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It’s the next generation on which Scotland Yard relies. Joanna Blalock has a brilliant intellect, insightful attention, and forensic knowledge. Of course, she does; her parents were the most brilliant pair of minds in England: Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Three years ago Joanna came to the attention of the elder Dr. John Watson, and he invited her to join his investigative team that included his son, Dr. John Watson, Jr. Together the trio rivaled the success of the celebrated Sherlock Holmes solving complex mysteries, finding missing treasures, recovering stolen documents, rescuing the kidnapped, and uncovering many a treasonous plot. Now, they’re a close-knit family. Joanna and John Jr. are married, and although Dr. Watson’s health is failing, they live at 221B Baker Street taking on cases that stretch their resolve and challenge their skills….It’s all family, dear Watson!

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It’s 1917, and war is raging in Europe, but on this dreary November, Joanna is not deterred from using her deductive skill to try to solve a pair of curious burglaries that have occurred at very high-end hotels: from The Fairmont a Ming dynasty vase and from the St. Regis some Bearer Bonds. She’s recorded pertinent details on her blackboard to visualize a pattern, but it is tricky. West End hotel. Penthouse target. Foggy evenings. However, she, John, and the senior Dr. Watson are interrupted by the appearance of both Inspector Lestrade, son of the man who helped Sherlock all those years, and Sir Bradberry, the commissioner of Scotland Yard. It is unheard of that both officials would arrive together at the Baker Street flat, so the issue must be dire. It is. Another robbery has occurred, adding the Windsor Hotel to the list, but the crime has included an assault. The doorman was bludgeoned and lies in a coma. However, it’s the real target, the Governor-General of South Africa, and the object stolen, one of the rarest and most priceless of gems, that has Scotland Yard seeking out the Watsons. Joanna adds the Blue Diamond to her blackboard.

Sparkling Fun! Leonard Goldberg channeled well Arthur Conan Doyle’s vision to be included in the Holmes franchise, but added his own fascinating twist. Sherlock’s and Irene Adler’s daughter has gone into the family business, so to speak, by continuing the legacy as a brilliant detective. She has the insight as well as the knowledge to see patterns, recognize inconsistencies, and narrow down the suspect list to “the one.” Like father…like daughter. She is not alone in her work with the elder Dr. Watson and her husband Watson, Jr., offering insights, providing assistance, and acting as a sounding board for her theories which mirrors the relationship we enjoyed between Sherlock and Watson Sr. The investigation is filled with traditional witness interviews and re-examining crime scenes, and like Sherlock, Joanna doesn’t ignore even the smallest detail making the journey intriguing, but it isn’t until the end that everything is tied together. Goldberg’s writing includes a first-person narrative from John Watson Jr.’s perspective, and the descriptive language and cadence to the narrative and dialogue illustrates well a Victorian style and era, as well as addressing some of the mores and behaviors. The author often makes the “daughter of Sherlock Holmes” reference which seems meant to qualify Joanna’s involvement as only valuable since she’s Sherlock’s daughter, but does well to illustrate the limited and subservient role of women in the early 1900s. However, through twentieth-first century glasses, it is good to see she doesn’t let those unaccustomed or disagreeable to her authority interfere with her duty. You go, girl!

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USA Today bestselling author Leonard Goldberg is also a consulting physician with UCLA Medical Center and has been appointed a Clinical Professor of Medicine. These credentials provide him with ample background to write the various medical thrillers: Joanna Blalock Medical Thrillers and the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

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Website: Leonard Goldberg

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