The Current: A New Direction & New Colors

Jul 7, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham, Music, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

For the past several years I have had the pleasure of following the career of a local band that got its start in Reedley, A Current Affair. I first interviewed them when I was working at the Reedley Exponent, and KRL profiled them last year. We have watched them grow and change and experience some impressive success. Recently they had the biggest change of all, including a name change to The Current. The only original member left of the band is Jordan Feliz from Clovis and he took some time to chat with us about the new direction and the new EP New Colors, which was just released July 3, 2012.

Jordan Feliz

New Colors is made up of five original songs: “New Colors”, “All To You”, “Slip Away”, “Heart” and “Don’t Lose Hope”. While still retaining their Christian rock sound, the new sound is a bit mellower than some of their past A Current Affair CD’s, with no hint left of their original screamo sound. The focus here is on the lyrics and the worship, which are solid and inspiring. The sound is great and I hope to have the chance to catch this new version of the group in concert soon! My favorite song is “Don’t Lose Hope”. It touched my heart and will now be a go to song for rough times.

Keep up with The Current as they continue to change and grow by liking their Facebook page where you will also find info on purchasing the new EP and you can hear a sample from the EP as well. New Colors is also available on iTunes. You can follow them on Twitter as well @TheCurrent_Band and soon their will be a new website.

Interview with Jordan Feliz

Lorie: So it appears a lot has changed since we last talked to A Current Affair—including a name change—can you fill us in on all the changes?

Jordan: Yeah, we have gone through a bunch of changes. I felt so called to continue with ACA (A Current Affair), and I found out all the reasons why I was supposed to. But, as I went to Nashville and recorded our new EP, I realized how much of a change the new music was compared to anything ACA had ever done. So I decided with my Manager and Production team that it was time to mature not only musically, but also with switching up the name. That is why we went with The Current, cause it could affiliate with the old name, but it was still very different.

Lorie: As The Current are you still doing as much touring and are you still performing at Spirit West Coast?

Jordan: Yes, we are actually going to start touring even more, and to more of a national level soon! And we did play Spirit West Coast Del Mar this year. But Monterey was unfortunately cancelled.

Lorie: That’s awesome. Tell us about the new EP? Are these all original songs? Is the style similar to Current Affair? How can people purchase it?

Jordan: The New EP New Colors is very much different from anything I have ever done musically before. With that said though, yes the style is very much different than anything ACA had ever done before, like I said above. The songs are all originals. But I did have the privilege of writing some of the songs with some people who have been or are in bands such as Need To Breathe, Everlife, Disciple alongside my producer Travis Terrell. And the EP will be available on iTunes and many other online sites like Amazon and Rhapsody, as well as live shows.

Lorie: What are your future goals with The Current?

Jordan: Our future goals as a team is mainly to just keep pushing forward. Writing better songs, approach better tours and really attack the film and TV circuit. We really want to do things with as much integrity and the most genuine hearts as possible.

Lorie: What are the rest of the guys doing–are they still in music in some way?

I think all the guys are doing great! Everyone seems very happy. Only Joey has really been pursuing music stuff that I believe; he has been working for a small independent label in Long Beach and is working on his music business degree. I know James has been working at being in school and I think design and stuff; he has always been super talented with all that. And I know Josh has been working with his wife at a Salon they opened up in Fresno, so needless to say I think we have all had a lot going on in life! Ha.

Lorie: Anything else that you would like to add?

Jordan: Not really! Just very excited for the future.

Lorie: Well be sure and keep KRL in the loop!

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