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Jul 7, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, TV

by Doward Wilson

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries gives us a new trio of Hailey Dean Mysteries that bring up the fifteen-year-old unsolved murder of her fiancé, Will, as a subplot that comes to an exciting and unexpected conclusion in the third story.hallmark movies and mysteries

hallmark movis and mysteriesIn 2+2 = Murder, Hailey investigates the disappearance of her niece’s music teacher on the night of an important fundraising that is being held to save the school from being closed and the students being relocated. As Hailey and her two closest friends from the DA’s office, and the police detective force, follow up on leads, she discovers the teacher’s body in a closed off and under-construction section of the school. What had the teacher discovered that had cost her life? Was it a jealous rival that wanted her out of the way of a big promotion in the school, the private secrets of other fellow teachers, or something to do with the building construction funds? As the investigation continues, Hailey reconnects with her and Will’s old circle of friends from college, most of whom she hadn’t seen since his murder.

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In A Marriage Made For Murder, Hailey’s therapy client confesses to murder, but she can’t take any action because of Doctor and Patient Confidentiality ethics. How does this confession tie into the case of “Atlanta’s Black Widow” that involves Hailey’s old college friend, Clyde Bennett? Clyde’s friend owns and operates an art gallery, and when he is murdered with poison, his wife becomes the number one suspect. As Hailey investigates to prove that the “Widow” didn’t do it, she starts to confront the past and Will’s murder so that she can move on with her new relationship.

hallmark mysteries
In A Will To Kill, Hailey continues to rekindle her friendships with her and Will’s circle of college friends. At the same time, she reopens the cold case file of Will’s murder. The deeper she digs into the lives of her old friends, the more mysteries and secrets she uncovers. No one has seen or heard from one of the girls who was in their close knit circle. Everyone thought she had moved to Paris but now no trace can be found of her since the night before Will’s murder. Hailey is convinced that the missing girl and Will’s shooting death are connected and sets out to prove it. What she finds is a shocking conclusion that destroys, but also heals her soul and lets her get on with her new life and relationship.

Kellie Martin stars as Hailey Dean in this series based on the books by Nancy Grace, who makes cameo appearances in each movie and is also an executive producer. Chad Lowe is a special guest star in this trio of movies and he and the rest of the cast work fantastically together. The storylines and acting are sharp and clear. I have really enjoyed the previous movies in this series, but this trio is extra special as Will’s unsolved murder story is slowly brought to a conclusion while each movie also has another distinct murder mystery to solve. This series will give any mystery and movie buff many evenings of entertainment. This is a mystery series of movies that I highly recommend.

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  1. The story lines in each show were good, but IMHO Kellie Martin needs more “affect.” Her emotional range seems limited. I admit she is better in this series than in others she’s done.

  2. I enjoy the Hallie Dean series … I have been a fan of Kellie Martin since forever … i

  3. Good review, Doward! I really have enjoyed the Haley Dean Mysteries, too. Kellie Martin is perfect as Haley and the rest of the cast also make these shows worth watching. What can I say, I really like all the new Mysteries and Movies series on The Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel.

  4. Thanks for your review Doward. These movies look good.


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