The Final Vow By Amanda Flower: Review/Giveaway

Jul 1, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, Sandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy

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Kelsey Cambridge is the museum director for historic Barton Farms. There are tours and educational programs and sometimes weddings and other events. None have been like the wedding of Krissie Pumpernickle to Eddie, Kelsey’s ex-husband. Normally, an ex-wife would refuse to take part, but Kelsey is loyal to her job and besides, Eddie is the father of her child, Hayden. There are custody talks in progress, best to keep the peace.

bookAs if Krissie isn’t demanding enough on her own, she has Vianna Pine as a wedding planner. Vianna always delivers exactly what the bride wants. Always. Krissie wants a Civil War reenactment as part of the ceremony, but all the reenactors are out of town for another big event. She also wants Abraham Lincoln. A Lincoln is found, and it’s hoped he’ll be sober on the big day. A few blue and grays will be on hand, so Krissie is appeased—about that anyway.

She also wants all the flowers dug up, the chickens banned from the farm and the ancient, historical, not up to code eclectrically church draped in hundreds of miniature white lights. Kelsey has to say no to that in spite of Krissie’s threat to withhold a huge donation to the museum. It’s just not safe.

When Vianna’s body is found at the base of the church and a strand of lights is dangling from the window, it’s assumed she decided to light the building herself because Krissie insisted and fell while hanging them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and it was declared a murder, making the church a crime scene and putting the wedding into jeopardy. Krissie wants her wedding there. Krissie will have what she wants! Bridezilla is too mild a term for her.

Suspects include Vianna’s assistant, a farm employee, Krissie herself, and more. Vianna might have made brides happy, but that didn’t extend to anyone who got in her way.

Eddie decides that Kelsey has inside information and asks her to investigate. After all, there have been bodies at the farm before and besides, Krissie wants it.

This is the third book in the Living History Museum series. Benji, Kelsey’s assistant, is invaluable on the farm. She does have secrets though. Hayden is a charming kid and adds to the humor of the story. Eddie, he’s truly in love with the ever so difficult Krissie who seems to love him too, as best one can tell between her tirades and demands over the ceremony itself.

The museum makes a nice setting since it combines the farm and history, all in one. History is woven seamlessly into the storyline and contrasts nicely with the current situation. A good mystery such as this one, always leaves readers wanting more.

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