Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point, Mexico: Perfect Vacation Spot Year Round

Jun 30, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Karen Lewis, Travel

by Karen Lewis

Puerto Peñasco is located on the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez. It is on the other side of the Gulf from Baja, California and is approximately one hour’s drive south of the Arizona border.

If you are looking for a beach vacation, Puerto Peñasco is the place to be. Also known as Rocky Point, it is a great place to go for sun, sea and sand. The weather is very hot in the summer so remember to wear sun protection and to keep yourself hydrated.

After September the weather there starts to cool down making it an ideal time to go camping in El Pinacate where you will also have the chance to view volcanic craters. NASA used El Pinacate to train astronauts for the moon landing as it is said that the surface there is similar to the surface of the moon.

There are several resorts along the beach which you can rent out for your vacation at affordable prices. All resorts include a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The resorts are on the beach so you don’t have far to travel.

Many vacationers can entertain themselves by setting up volleyball nets or playing with the beach ball and building sand castles with their buckets and shovels. There is also horse back riding available on the beach and jet-skis for hire. The banana boat is popular for the more adventurous souls. For those of you who have a head for heights there is an “ultra-light” ride which is a fixed wing aircraft that carries the pilot and one other person.

You often see opportunities to have your hair braided on the beach which is ideal if you have children. People sell jewelry on the beach as well as cool drinks and ice-cream. If you forget to bring your sun glasses on vacation with you then you can always buy another pair from a passing vendor.

The resorts also have a barbeque area and a gym on site if you want to work off the burger from the night before.
Some resorts have a tennis court. For those of you who are interested in golf, Puerto Peñasco has a fantastic course at the Sandy Beach resort area.

Karen enjoying the beach

Puerto Peñasco is situated in the Altar desert which makes a suitable place for Quad/ATV bikes. You will find many locations throughout Puerto Peñasco where you will have the chance to hire an all-terrain vehicle for one hour. The bike seats one person although you are able to hire a 4-seater as well which resembles a golf cart.

For children there is an aquarium. Although it is very basic, you are able to feed the sea lions and the sea turtles for a very reasonable price, and by doing this you are contributing to their up-keep.

Puerto Peñasco has many choices and places to go if you are wanting to eat out and experience the culture. There are plenty of taco stands around if you like the traditional Mexican carne asada. Many American tourists complement Rosie’s restaurant for its food. Xochitl’s is another lovely place known for authentic Mexican food. It is located in nearby Cholla Bay. Their specialty is the chili relleno dish. For a great Mexican-style roasted chicken, check out El Pollo Lucas.

If you want a great American meal Latitude Bar & Grill does great burgers, and you can find an excellent pizza at Al Capone’s Pizza. As there is a great variety of restaurants, you are sure to find food for nearly every taste.

The best shopping area is “El Malecon,” which is the main street right by the ocean. The markets there sell traditional Mexican clothing as well as T shirts, swim wear, jewelry, rugs etc… They don’t do as much haggling as you would expect but they still do some. It is also a great place for sea food, especially shrimp, as this city was founded around the shrimping industry. Today you still see shrimp boats out collecting to sell in the markets.

Don’t forget to take your camera as you will have plenty of opportunities to take memorable photographs of beautiful scenery and memorable moments. At some times of the year, you may even catch the dolphins leaping through the waves. Puerto Peñasco is a vacation destination you won’t soon forget.

Karen Lewis currently lives in Leeds, England where her husband Christopher is the pastor. Learn more of their ministry at her blog, Beyond The Horizon.



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