Mystery Coming Attractions: July 2024

Jun 29, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Coming Attractions!, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Shawn Stevens

As the summer heats up, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a mystery to transport you to quaint villages, charming bookshops, and culinary delights––each with a twist of intrigue. July brings a fresh crop of mysteries, perfect for lazy afternoons or beachside reading. From amateur sleuths solving crimes in idyllic settings to culinary adventures that stir up more than just batter, here are some cozy and historical mysteries to look out for this month. Get ready to dive into these captivating tales that promise to keep you guessing until the very last page.

Private investigators Timothy Badger and Benjamin Watson face another baffling case in Victorian London when a mummy unwrapping party takes a chilling turn. London, 1895. Despite their recent success, detectives Badger and Watson can’t afford to turn down work, even with financial help from their mentor, Sherlock Holmes.

When Dr. Enoch Sawyer of St. Bart’s Hospital asks them to provide security for his mummy unwrapping party, Badger eagerly accepts. Guarding Egyptian artifacts seems simple enough. But when Dr. Sawyer is running late, the unwrapping reveals his own remains inside the sarcophagus of Runihura Saa. The detectives are suddenly plunged into a stranger and twistier case than they ever imagined. ~ The Mummy of Mayfair by Jeri Westerson

With her grandmother on vacation, baker Sally Muccio is overwhelmed juggling her business, her toddler, and her parents. Things get worse when Sal’s youthful mother, Maria, enters the Mrs. Buffalo beauty pageant and ropes Sal and Josie into providing treats. The event turns ugly when contestant Charmaine Weatherwax sabotages Maria’s gown and is later found dead. Surveillance shows Maria entering Charmaine’s apartment before her death. Sal must find the real killer to save her mother from serious trouble. ~ Crimes and Confections by Catherine Bruns

Down-on-her-luck sitcom writer Dee Stern is ready for a change. Twice divorced and stuck writing for an obnoxious kids’ show, she impulsively drives until she lands at a mid-century motel near a national park. Enchanted by its retro charm, Dee teams up with her first ex-husband, Jeff, to transform the place into the Golden Motel-of-the-Mountains, a hiker’s haven. However, Dee and Jeff are unprepared for the hospitality business, dealing with prowling bears, and limited supplies. Things take a darker turn when a guest is murdered, and they top the suspect list. Dee must navigate a meddling park ranger, her past in showbiz, and uncover if the killer is a local or a tourist––because some things are worse than a one-star review. ~ A Very Woodsy Murder by Ellen Byron

Old friendships turn deadly and the past comes back to haunt Claudia Rose in unexpected ways. Handwriting expert Claudia Rose had no intention of revisiting her past when she accepted an invitation to her 25-year high school reunion. But when she stumbles upon the lifeless body of someone she knew, the event takes a chilling turn. Was it a tragic accident or something far more sinister? ~ Maximum Pressure by Sheila Lowe

Dog Day Afternoon (An Andy Carpenter Novel – Book 29) by David Rosenfelt, Release Date July 2, 2024
Dog Days (A Lily Dale Mystery – Book 6) by Wendy Corsi Staub, Release Date July 2, 2024
The Mummy of Mayfair (An Irregular Detective Mystery – Book 2) Jeri Westerson, Release Date July 2, 2024
Dead, White, and Blue (Northwoods Mystery – Book 2) by Annie McEwen, Release Date July 2, 2024
The Damages (A Marian Warner Mystery – Book 2) by Shelley Costa, Release Date July 2, 2024
All Witches on Deck (A Moonstone Bay Cozy Mystery – Book 14) by Amanda M. Lee, Release Date July 2, 2024
Witches Get Stitches (A Witch on the Rocks Cozy Mystery – Book 8) by Lily Harper Hart, Release Date July 2, 2024
Mortal Radiance (A Georgia O’Keeffe Mystery – Book 2) by Kathryn Lasky, Release Date July 2, 2024
Murder at Barker Stadium (A Margaret and Mona Ghostly Mystery – Book 2) by Diana Xarissa, Release Date July 5, 2024

Friends and Amenities (Pebble Cove Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery – Book 3) by Eryn Scott, Release Date July 5, 2024
Stacked Against Us (A Millie the Miracle Cat Mystery – Book 2) by Courtney McFarlin, Release Date July 8, 2024
Summers End (A Shady Hollow Mystery – Book 5) by Juneau Black, Release Date July 9, 2024
Murder on Devil’s Pond (A Hummingbird Hollow B&B Mystery – Book 1) by Ayla Rose, Release Date July 9, 2024
Crimes and Confections (Cookies & Chance Mystery – Book 14) by Catherine Bruns, Release Date July 9, 2024
The Case of The Curious Coincidences in Las Vegas (Tiffany Black Cases Mystery – Book 28) by A. R. Winters, Release Date July 9, 2024
To Err is Cumin (Spice Shop Mystery – Book 8) by Leslie Budewitz, Release Date July 16, 2024
A Controversial Cover (A Booktown Mystery – Book 18) by Lorna Barrett, Release Date July 16, 2024

The Conditions of Unconditional Love (Isabel Dalhousie Mystery – Book 15) by Alexander McCall Smith, Release Date July 16, 2024
Poisoned by the Book (North Dakota Library Mystery – Book 2) by Ellen Jacobson, Release Date July 18, 2024
Library Conundrum (Cozy Mystery Short Reads – Book 3) by Ileana Muñoz Renfroe, Release Date July 18, 2024
Secret Sweets (Samantha Sweet Magical Mystery – Book 18) by Connie Shelton, Release Date July 18, 2024
Trouble Is Brewing (Tea by the Sea Mystery – Book 5) by Vicki Delany, Release Date July 23, 2024
A Cup of Flour, A Pinch of Death (A Baker Street Mystery – Book 3) by Valerie Burns, Release Date July 23, 2024
A Very Woodsy Murder (Golden Motel Mystery – Book 1) by Ellen Byron, Release Date July 23, 2024
Message in the Manuscript (The Inn at Holiday Bay Mystery – Book 28) by Kathi Daley, Release Date July 23, 2024
Peking Duck and Cover (A Noodle Shop Mystery – Book 10) by Vivien Chien, Release Date July 23, 2024

Charlotte Illes Is Not a Teacher (Not a Detective Mystery – Book 2) by Katie Siegel, Release Date July 23, 2024
Chaos at the Lazy Bones Bookshop (A Halloween Bookshop Mystery – Book 1) by Emmeline Duncan, Release Date July 23, 2024
There’s No Murder Like Show Murder (A Cozy Novel) by M. S. Greene, Release Date July 23, 2024
Echoes of Memory (Standalone Mystery) by Sara Driscoll, Release Date July 23, 2024
Puzzle Me a Murder (An Alice Pepper Lonely Hearts and Puzzle Club Mystery – Book 1) by Roz Noonan, Release Date July 23, 2024
Lucy Burdette’s Kitchen (Recipes and Stories from the Key West Food Critic) by Lucy Burdette, Release Date July 23, 2024
Death on the Tiber (Flavia Albia Mystery – Book 12) by Lindsey Davis, Release Date July 23, 2024
Home Is My Zapping Place (Witchy Expo Services Mystery – Case 3) by Amy McNulty, Release Date July 23, 2024
Grave As All Get-Out (Kenni Lowry Mystery – Book 10) by Tonya Kappes, Release Date July 25, 2024

The Empress of India (The Mystery of Stickleback Hollow Mystery – Book 28) by C. S. Woolley, Release Date July 26, 2024
Nine Lies (The Secret Library Cozy Mystery – Book 6) by CeeCee James, Release Date July 26, 2024
The Unfortunate Death of Lord Longbottom (The Lady Jane and Mrs. Forbes Mystery – Book 4) by B. D. Churston, Release Date July 27, 2024
Killing at the Kite Fair (Frostfall Island Cozy Mystery – Book 7) by London Lovett, Release Date July 29, 2024
Fruit Smoothies and Felonies (Dune House Cozy Mystery – Book 30) by Cindy Bell, Release Date July 30, 2024
Mint Freeze Murder (A Spies and Food Truck Mystery – Book 2) by Rosie A. Point, Release Date July 30, 2024
August Moon (Murder by Month Mystery – Book 4) by Jess Lourey, Release Date July 30, 2024
Cruffins and Confessions (Peridale Cafe Mystery – Book 33) by Agatha Frost, Release Date July 30, 2024
A Killer Inheritance (Carmen De Luca Art Sleuth Mystery – Book 4) by Jennifer S. Alderson, Release Date July 31, 2024
Dangerous Infurmation (A Whiskers and Words Mystery – Book 10) by Eryn Scott, Release Date July 31, 2024

*Please note that Release Dates may change from time of this posting.

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Shawn Stevens born in New Jersey and lives there with her husband and rescue pup Piper. She enjoys reading and listening to cozy mysteries whiles she cooks, cleans and is driving. Be sure to visit The Cozy Mystery Party Group for “Cozy” chats, Author Takeovers and more.

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