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Lincoln School In Reedley Celebrates Centennial


FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andHometown History,
andReedley News

by Georgia Lincshied

Lincoln School celebrates its Centennial year for Reedley. In 1912, it was decided the town needed a school on the East side of Reedley so children did not have to cross the R.R. tracks to get to and from the only school, which is now Washington. In 1913, Eastside School opened. It was a two-story brick building which was torn down in the 1960s, when many buildings were considered unsafe during earthquakes. The schools were then renamed.

New Lincoln School nearing completion

The celebration was held Thursday, June 6th; tables and seating were set up outside for the program from 7 – 9 a.m. Children arrived with their parents by bus for this occasion. Lincoln’s children’s choir, numbering approximately sixty, sang three songs. It seemed no one was off-key and impressively, they hit all the high and low notes of The Star Spangled Banner. I was so proud of them!

Early-day view of Lincoln School

We should be very proud of the many hundred year old and older buildings in Reedley. Next year, our Reedley Museum building, originally Reedley’s first City Hall, will be one hundred years old. We also have some structures that were built in the late 1800’s. This Centennial Year we should be pleased that we are taking such good care of our historical brick buildings.

Come visit the Museum and get our new “Walking Tour” brochure of down-town Reedley and see our Historical Buildings. The Museum is open Tuesday and Saturday, 9am – 12. Reedley Exponent and the Health Food Store also have brochures.

Georgia Lincshied is a member of the Reedley Historical Society.

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1 Lynette Brietigam June 30, 2013 at 3:47pm

that could not be Lincoln School nearing completion. Look at the car and the tree in the yard. I attended from 1952 – 1955 and have pictures of that same front area – no tree that size. Nice picture tho. Also I think the origianl Lincoln was torn down earlier than the 60’s.


2 Lorie
Twitter: @mysteryrat
June 30, 2013 at 10:53pm

It does say “new” Lincoln school, don’t know if that makes a difference. All I know are those are the captions I was given by the historical society. Thanks for your input.


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