Suggestions For Creating an Eco-friendly Landscape

Jun 28, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Going Green

by Stephen Roshy

Creating an eco-friendly landscape is essential for sustaining a balanced ecosystem. It adds to the beauty of our society and people derive various benefits from it. In fact, landscaping can have a major impact on the efficiency and sustainability of a building in the longer run. A few planted trees can cool of a building and reduce the amount of electricity being consumed for air conditioning. A few suggestions are being discussed in this article for creating an eco-friendly landscape.

Always use a collection of native plants in your landscaping


Always use a collection of native plants in your landscaping

It is always a better option to use a collection of native plants whenever you plan your landscape. This is because such plans are better adapted to the area and require less water and maintenance as compared to the exotic plants. They also happen to resist pests and diseases far better than exotic plants. This reduces the need for pesticides. Hence, an eco-friendly landscape is ensured. These native plants have an additional advantage that they attract the beneficial insects.

Planting deciduous trees


Planting deciduous trees

Deciduous trees are beneficial to have around as they cool your home. They reduce air conditioning costs. Besides they are also useful in winter. This is because they drop their leaves which allow sunlight to penetrate your home during the winter season. Planting these trees mean that energy savings are maximized.

Planting evergreen trees

Such trees are a useful tool of controlling the chilly winds that hit your house during winter.

Using electric lawn mowers


Using electric lawn mowers

There are different types of lawn mowers. You have gas-powered mowers that help save time. However, you need to opt for an alternative that is cleaner, energy efficient and non-polluting. If you have a small lawn you may use reel mowers as they are easy to use, and you gain the benefit of exercising. However, for larger lawns you would require an electric mower. Such machines are eco-friendly.

Drip irrigation system

Try converting to drip irrigation systems which help in the delivery of water directly to your plants. It reduces waste. These systems happen to be around 90 percent efficient.

Rain barrels for landscaping

barrelWater use can be significantly reduced if you use stored water from rain barrels. Irrigating your landscape with this water is useful. Rainwater tends to be soft and chemical free. Plants grow well in this type of water. Using rainwater helps reduce water runoff.

Using natural and organic products

Trying various organic fertilizers and pesticides to see which one works best is a good idea. They help reduce waste water runoff. It also creates a healthier environment for humans and pets.

These were some useful suggestions that will assist you in planting an eco-friendly landscape.

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