Neil Simon’s Fools On Stage at 2nd Space

Jun 28, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Larry Ham, Theatre

by Larry Ham

Neil Simon is one of the best known and best loved American Playwrights in history. From Barefoot In The Park, to The Odd Couple, to The Goodbye Girl, he is as good as it gets. One of Simon’s lesser-known works, a play titled Fools is currently playing at the Good Company Player’s 2nd Space Theatre in Fresno through August 20.

Fools is set in a small village in the Ukraine, where a new school teacher shows up only to discover the town is beset with a curse that makes everyone in the village stupid. His attempts to educate the doctor’s daughter in the face of a town full of idiots is the basis for a lot of one-liners and some very funny moments.


Cast of GCP’s production of FOOLS

Alex Vaux shines as the teacher, Leon Tolchinsky, and another standout performance was given by Chase Stubblefield, who plays Leon’s rival for the affection of the doctor’s daughter. In fact, as is the usual case with Second Space, everyone in the cast is excellent.


Left to right Gregor Yousekevitch (Chase Stubblefield) & Leon Tolchinsky (Alex Vaux) in GCP’s production of FOOLS

One of the unique features of this play is the way several of the characters break the “fourth wall,” by talking to the audience. This concept works especially well at 2nd Space, because the stage is small, and surrounded on three sides by the audience.


Left to right Sophia Zubritsky (Bailey Johnson) & Leon Tolchinsky (Alex Vaux) in GPC’s production of FOOLS

Fools is a fun experience for the entire family–there’s not a curse word to be found, and it’s not particularly long, so the youngsters won’t get restless. It may not be Neil Simon’s best work, but the cast’s performance makes it well worth attending.

Fools continues until August 20 at 2nd Space, 928 E Olive Ave, in Fresno. Tickets can be purchased on their website.

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