SCAREanormal: Horror Convention Hits Fresno!

Jun 22, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

If you enjoy horror and the paranormal, then SCAREanormal is for you! SCAREanormal, a three day convention/exposition event celebrating the Worlds of Horror and Cult cinema, Paranormal Investigations and exploration, Comics, Science Fiction and Pop Culture, will invade Fresno on June 28-30. The event will feature dozens of celebrities from these worlds, participating in signings, meet and greets and interactive panels, as well as vendors, film screenings, and additional activities.

While KRL had hoped to attend this first horror con ever to hit Central California, schedules conflicted–but we hope they come back next year! In the meantime, we chatted with two of the people behind this event, Thom Hazaert and Kaci Hansen. Hurry and get your tickets before it’s too late! You don’t want to miss this.

SCAREanormal interview with Thom Hazaert

KRL: Who is putting together this event?

Thom: SCAREanormal was envisioned and put together by myself, Thom Hazaert of THC TALENT, a convention booking and management company based in LA, and I hooked up with Kaci Hansen of the Central Valley Horror Club (aka the Homicidal Homemaker), an amazingly talented woman with a giant presence in the Fresno horror scene.

KRL: What all will be happening at this convention?

Thom: Screenings, panels, celebrity meet and greets, celebrity photo ops, and so many other surprises. It really will be the ultimate fan experience for any horror or pop-culture enthusiast. There will also be events on both Friday and Saturday night, which will include live music, a fashion show, and special movie screenings with cast appearances.

KRL: Who are some of the guests that will be there?

Thom: Michael Ornstein from Sons of Anarchy, Noel G from Training Day, The Dark Knight Rises, The Walking Dead, Fast and the Furious, Ken Foree from Dawn of the Dead, the Devil’s Rejects, the Lords of Salem, Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil’s Rejects, etc, the original cast of PORKY’s, a handful of great talent from The Walking Dead, James O’ Barr, creator of The Crow, as well as Rochelle Davis (Sarah) and Jon Polito (Gideon) from the original The Crow film, and so many more. And, of course, the main attraction–Fresno’s very own Sid Haig!

KRL: Why did you feel Fresno was a good venue for this event?

Thom: There’s a lack of great horror type conventions north of Los Angeles, and Fresno and The Bay Area both have thriving local horror scenes. And Fresno is just perfectly centrally located, right smack in the middle, and surrounded by so many other great small communities who have been hugely receptive.

KRL: Details on dates, times, place and tickets?

Thom: SCAREanormal Fresno will be taking place June 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Piccadilly Inn Fresno Airport. You can find all of the details such as guest announcements, special events, schedule, and hotel information, as well as purchase tickets on our website at

KRL: Anything else you would like to add?

Thom: Thank you so much to the Fresno, and Bay Area horror communities for coming out and supporting this convention. It really has been a labor of love, especially being able to work in the great local Fresno flavor. We have some awesome sponsors like Fangoria Magazine, Fresno’s MONSTER CITY THEME WORKS, and local TV and radio sponsors who have really helped to make this possible, and make it the best show it could be.

More info can be found on the following:
Official website:

Ticket Prices:
Three-Day Pass – $60
VIP Three-Day Pass – $175
Friday Only – $25
Saturday Only – $25
Sunday Only – $20

Interview with Kaci Hansen of the Central Valley Horror Club:

KRL: How did you get involved with SCAREanormal?

Kaci: I was approached by Thom about being involved with SCAREanormal after he heard about Central Valley Horror Club and the horror following that we have here in the valley. We put on many horror-themed events all year long, including the Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl (which was the first zombie-themed event to ever take place in Central CA), our “B-Movies & Brews!” events at Full Circle Brewing Co. in Fresno, our “Flicks at Fatte’s!” events at Fatte Albert’s Pizza Co. in Visalia, and our television show, “Friday Night Frights”. I also run the popular horror blog and have made many local television appearances showcasing my gruesome creations.
I was thrilled when Thom approached me about SCAREanormal, since my everyday life and interests revolve around the horror genre! Bringing a horror convention to Central CA is something that has always been a dream of mine, so of course I wanted to be involved!

Kaci Hansen, Founder of Horror Club, Zombie Ball

KRL: Is it just you involved, or is the enter club involved in SCAREanormal?

Kaci: While I have been primarily involved with SCAREanormal, I have had a tremendous amount of support and assistance from Central Valley Horror Club assistant administrator Salvador Valencia III, and other members and attendees of our events.

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