Property of a Lady Faire By Simon R. Green

Jun 21, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Terrance V. Mc Arthur

by Terrance Mc Arthur

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Call him Bond–Shaman Bond. Call him Eddie Drood. Call this ultra-secret agent with the uber-tech, golden, magic armor when impossible things need to be done!

In Property of a Lady Faire, the eighth Secret Histories novel, Eddie is on the run because he has slaughtered everyone in the Department of the Uncanny, including Eddie’s uncle, the Regent. His family thinks Eddie and Molly the Wild Witch killed them because Uncle authorized the death of her parents, but everybody was dead before the pair arrived, dead of violence that could only have been done by an army using no weapons, just brute force. This isn’t a cozy mystery or a Law & Order police thriller. It’s a helping of James Bond, sauced with urban fantasy, and seasoned with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

A voice forces Eddie into a quest for a magical stone that is held by The Lady Faire, a woman/man/neither/both/creature who inspires insanely-loyal devotion–sort of like a non-singing mixture of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Justin Bieber. To reach “her,” Eddie and Molly have to crash the most exclusive party of the year (only The Lady Faire’s former lovers are invited) in the most impossible-to-reach

The action happens everywhere, from a battle royal in a quiet English neighborhood to a chase through a sea of inter-dimensional Doors presided over by a six-foot-tall Doormouse (he used to be human, he claims), from a caper in the catacombs of the Vatican to a casino for the rich and unusual where people go missing without a trace, from a solitary cell in Drood Manor that holds a captive who knows Too Much to a palace of ice where the outside temperatures hover near absolute zero.

It’s inventive, it’s lively and it’s not meant to probe the meanings of Life. There’s lots of frantic action and mindless violence, which is one of the reasons this series is so popular. Simon R. Green also pens the Nightside series and the Ghost Finders books and I always enjoy reading his work. His writing is like taking a whirl on a Snap-the-Whip ride in an amusement park with a soundtrack of comedy albums…and it works!

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