Green Lantern: Movie Review

Jun 21, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Lorie Lewis Ham, Movies

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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I have always loved super hero movies so I was excited to see Green Lantern. I’m not familiar with the original DC Comics storyline so I can’t attest to the accuracy of the movie but I can say that I enjoyed it.

Being an origins movie, Green Lantern started off with a LOT of back story, almost too much for me but I do understand its importance. The movie starts by telling the story of a small powerful force charged with keeping peace and justice in the universe—this force is called the Green Lantern Corp. This group is made up of warriors from different planets all over the universe that receive their powers through a special ring—a ring that draws its power from will.

After the back story we are introduced to a reckless, irresponsible test pilot with a death wish named Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). His recklessness nearly causes the company he works for to lose an important government contract. Hal watched his father die in a plane crash when he was very young which has affected his whole life. After his screw up he finds a crashed alien spacecraft with a dieing alien—what happens next changes his life forever. The ring chooses Hal to become a Green Lantern.

Of course there is also a girl in this story—Carol Ferris whose father owns the aviation company that Hal works for. Carol loves Hal but can’t get past his irresponsible nature. There is also a misunderstood villain—though he’s not the main villain of the story.

A lot of this story is about Hal finding the hero within himself and getting past thinking he’s not as brave as his father because he’s afraid. Hal has to learn how to deal with his fear in order to become a true Green Lantern and save the world.


While I did enjoy this movie, as I said before a big chunk of this movie was back-story–the action at the end happened very quickly and then was over. This movie is definitely a set up for more and while this set up was necessary I can see the sequels being far more interesting and filled with a lot more action. I told my son that this movie kind of felt like a TV pilot whose primary purpose was to set things up for the rest of the series and I was ready for the next episode next week not a year or two from now. I do think Reynolds did a great job in the part and I enjoyed the bits of humor in his character.

If you like super hero movies I’d say that Green Lantern is worth seeing, but is definitely not the best of the large crop of super hero movies that have been coming out over the past year.

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