Fresno Bully Rescue: Karma

Jun 19, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Terese Shaw

Terese Shaw is an FBR Adoptions Coordinator for Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month. You can find more of their columns here and on KRL News & Reviews.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of adopting a senior versus a younger dog or puppy. Everybody loves puppies, I get it. I love puppies, you love puppies, your best friend just got a new puppy, and you’re beside yourself with jealousy. It makes sense the default choice when adopting a new dog is to go for the younger pup, however, you may be surprised by how rewarding it can be to adopt an adult dog, a senior dog to be exact.


Did you know dogs are great when it comes to improving your physical health? This is scientifically proven! When you have something as precious as a senior that becomes an integral part of your life, it makes it better in so many different ways. A good old cuddly senior will improve your mood, so instead of being lonely or down, consider adopting a senior friend like Karma. This leads to unconditional love, therefore, you have a faithful friend that will help you feel better forever. How magnificent will it be knowing that you gave her a second chance at life and the possibility of someone who is unconditionally going to love her forever. Talk about a permanent mood booster! I’d also like to add that she is great at the impromptu cuddle session, and loves a relaxed lifestyle. This, too, is an added bonus to seniors, with age comes wisdom and relaxed state of being. Karma would need less exercise and is less energetic throughout the day. She just loves to kick back and relax and that makes the perfect companion.

Karma would be the perfect choice for a newbie dog owner who may not have time or desire to go through all the training from scratch. At the same time, a senior dog brings a new kind of joy to longtime dog owners who want to experience the instant and unique bond they can only get formed with an older dog. Senior dogs connect with you just as deeply as a puppy, and when you rescue an older dog, you may feel like they instantly know that this fantastic new person has come to the rescue and will be changing their lives forever. Older dogs are ready to love and are incredibly appreciative of the love you’re bringing into their life.

Did you know that senior dogs get adopted at a much lower rate as compared to younger dogs? Karma should be enjoying her golden years instead of sitting in a shelter for up to four times longer than a younger adoptable.

So, please consider a senior like Karma, there are no words to describe the feelings of pride knowing how you’ve changed her life. Feeling the love that you’ll give her that she would’ve never known otherwise. I guarantee that level will be returned one million times over, and it’s the kind of love that can only be between a dog and a human that saved her.

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