Feral Paws Rescue: Meeting Freddie

Jun 12, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue

by Paula Hunsaker

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Freddie was rescued from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter. A shelter staff member at CCSPCA texted me to tell me about Freddie who was being pulled to be euthanized that day. He wanted to see if I would help Freddie because he was such a sweet boy that was born with a crippled front leg. He was good with the litter box and got along fine with his leg being crippled. The shelter had tagged him to be euthanized deeming him as being unadoptable due to being infirm, or crippled. He was not this perfect cat for the shelter to be concerned with as being adoptable. As if cats coming into high-kill shelters are perfect purebred cats! Non-perfect cats have the right to have a wonderful forever home just like any other cats in this world. The public loves the non-prefect cats in their lives, as we have seen with some of our non perfect adoptable kitties here at Feral Paws Rescue Group.

Freddie while at the CCSPCA

Our rescue pulled Freddie!!! Of course, it goes without saying that we are not going to let him die just because he was crippled. Freddie is under a year old. He came in the shelter with several other siblings. They were not crippled and were put up for adoption at the shelter. Once we got Freddie to our rescue, we found him to be so loving and sweet, and well really, he is just a doll. We took Freddie to our rescue vet and got him fully vetted.

We did not even get to post him up for adoption. When the first person that came to our rescue to view out adoptable cats saw Freddie, well, she adopted Freddie!!!! She just fell in love with him right at the start. Did not even look at the other cats. Freddie was the special one going home that day.

Freddie while at the CCSPCA

Once Freddie was at his forever home. Our rescue was updated that Freddie was settling in well, and how she found him to be an amazing kitty, and so loving, and even got along with their other cat and was just a wonderful fit for their home.

When I walk into a shelter, I do not look for the perfect cats. It is the cats that need to make it out alive that are important to me. Every cat in this world needs a chance to find that forever home. Whether friendly, scared, cripple, perfect kitty, etc., they all have the right to find that human who will love them forever. I truly believe that there is a special forever home for even homeless cats and kittens. That match (human & kitty) will be a blessing, and we just never know when we pull a cat from a high-kill shelter how soon they will find a good home, but we do know they WILL find a good home eventually or stay with us at our cattery forever. Blessings come in all sizes and colors…our blessings purr!

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