Tips on Watering and Fertilizing Asparagus for a Healthier Grow

Jun 10, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Going Green

by Ann Katlyn

Are you wondering how you can ensure that your asparagus will grow healthily? Did you know that you need to water and fertilize them in the right manner? Get to know the tips on watering and fertilizing asparagus for a healthier grow.

Asparagus is known as a spring vegetable wherein once it reaches the length of 8 inches, it can then be harvested. Of course, for the asparagus to be able to grow healthily, you need to ensure that they are getting the sunlight that they need all day. A location that is spacious is, of course, required to ensure that their foliage will grow tall.

Two of the most important things that you need to do when it comes to growing your asparagus is watering and fertilizing. These two are important because asparagus needs to be well hydrated for them to grow healthily. The fertilizers will not only provide them with the nutrients that they need but as well as help in weed control.

Get to know how you can water and fertilize them by reading the information below:

How to Water Your Asparagus Plants

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Watering Your Asparagus Every Day

The first thing that you need to do is to water your asparagus plants by an inch or two of water once every single day. Once they have successfully established themselves in your soil, then you can start reducing the water that you are giving them. You can switch from everyday to once every single week.

Watering the Top of Asparagus

The next thing that you need to do is to start watering the top part of your plant. Keeping the top part of the asparagus well hydrated will reduce the probability of the development of fungus on the plant itself.

Watering the Asparagus in the Morning

Watering your asparagus in the morning is ideal since the afternoon sun will ensure that the moisture will evaporate. It is important to avoid letting too much moisture cling on the asparagus because this can cause certain diseases from developing into the plant, which can, later on, kill the asparagus.

Drought Season Watering Tips

Now, once the drought season has arrived, it is important to water your asparagus plant for at least ten or a maximum of fourteen days. The reason behind this is because it will ensure that your plant will be hydrated even if the weather is becoming too humid.

How to Fertilizer Your Asparagus Plants

Fertilizing Just Right

Since the asparagus is different when it comes to other types of vegetables which is why it is important that you are not over fertilizing the plants. You should also put in mind that during the fern stage of the asparagus, they do not do well with nitrogen, so avoiding this is essential.

Using Organic Fertilizer

The best way to fertilize your asparagus is by applying fertilizer on the soil itself. The fertilizer needs to have certain levels of phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. You can get an organic fertilizer by composting organic materials. For people who don’t know, providing your asparagus doses of potassium and nitrogen is good while it is growing, but it will also need other elements that can only be found in a compost of organic material.

These are the tips on watering and fertilizing asparagus for a healthier grow that you should follow. Watering and fertilizing them are not hard, all you have to do is to follow all the tips mentioned above, and you will undoubtedly be harvesting healthy asparagus that you can incorporate into your meals.

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