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Jun 9, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Public Protectors, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Ever wish that you could help fight crime in your own hometown? Well actually, you can by using the Reedley PD Tip Line. We sat down recently with Police Liaison Officer Cyndee Trimble Friesen to learn more about the Tip Line which started in August 2017.

KRL: Why did the PD decide this was needed? And who came up with the idea?

Trimble Friesen: To encourage the community to call in concerns. Lt. Ediger and the Chief [came up with the idea.]

KRL: Can you tell us the specifics of what the Tip Line is for?

Trimble Friesen: For non-emergency reporting. Drug activity, gang activity. Leave information, remain anonymous. English and Spanish available. reedley police

KRL: What happens when someone calls in a tip? What is the next step for the PD?

Trimble Friesen: Hear recorded greeting, instructions on how to leave tip/information. Assign to appropriate division/task force.

KRL: What was involved in putting this together and how long did it take before it was up and running?

Trimble Friesen: Purchase of two cell phones, activated same day.

KRL: Has there been a tip line in the past? If so, why did it end, and what is different about this one?

Trimble Friesen: Yes. Old hard wire phone line removed. No difference, cell phones vs. answering machine.

KRL: How much time does it take to monitor the line? How often is it checked?

Trimble Friesen: Depends on activity. Daily check.

KRL: In what ways so far has it helped the PD?

Trimble Friesen: People more apt to leave information, particularly regarding gang activity.

KRL: How has it already been a benefit to the community?

Trimble Friesen: Hopefully, reducing crime, increasing quality of life.

KRL: For other types of communication with the PD (other than 911) what is the best way for someone in the community to connect with the PD? Phone, email, Facebook page?

Trimble Friesen: Non-emergency, answered 24/7 559-637-4250.[dot]gov.

KRL: Anything else you would like to share?

Trimble Friesen: In an effort to strengthen our community partnerships and enhance public trust, the Reedley Police Department has implemented two (2) “TIP Line” numbers for the public to call in tips or specific information regarding criminal activity. These types of calls could be related to ongoing drug activity, gang activity, other criminal-related conduct or “quality of life” issues that the public would like to report.

These “tips” can now be called in telephonically through two (2) separate phone numbers, one for English and one for Spanish speaking citizens. The goal through the new Tip reporting process will be to provide the public an opportunity, 24 hours a day, to call in all types of activity while also remaining anonymous if they choose. Please remember if you need an immediate response by the Police Department for an activity that is in progress or any type of emergency situation, please call 911. Although callers on the “tip” line can remain anonymous, the department would like to encourage callers to leave a name and number to be potentially re-contacted to gain further information if needed.

SPANISH 559-246-4183 voice only, no text
ENGLISH 559-356-8690 voice only, no text
Non-Emergency 559-637-4250
Emergency 911

Thanks so much for sharing this important info with KRL and its readers!

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