Thirteen Entertaining Things To Do After The Lockdown Is Over

Jun 8, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Arts & Entertainment

by staff

The current Pandemic has entirely altered our lives, and let’s be honest, none of us are enjoying it. Curfews and multiple strict lockdowns have left nothing to do for enjoyment. Trips to grocery stores are the only outing; sitting in front of laptops is equivalent to working. Video calls are the new meeting place with friends and family.

So many restrictions have now gotten most of us wondering what life will be like post-lockdown. The good news is that the time hopefully isn’t far. With the vaccines showing progress, this long-fought battle with corona might finally be coming to an end soon.

The most exciting part about post-lockdown life will be no more restrictions on outings! Let’s list down a few must-do things for entertainment once the lockdown ends.

1. Go to a restaurant
The first thing to do post-lockdown is to eat out. Many of us miss the deliciously cooked fresh meals served at our favorite restaurants, which do not taste the same at home. Also, many of us need a change of scenery while having food. The dining table view has made us tired and bored. A nice restaurant with an incredible sight to soak up with mouthwatering food would be the perfect refresher.

2. Attend a concert
It’s been more than a year since a good concert has taken place. Several music fanatics miss that dream-like feeling where hundreds and thousands of people sing along to your favorite singer’s songs. Although tremendously loud, concerts give you a warm, connected, and happy feeling.

With lockdowns slowly easing in many parts of the world, drive-in concerts are becoming the new trend. If you are in the US, check out the Florida Georgia Line concert taking place soon. You can pre-book your tickets.

3. Go to the gym
All fitness addicts are cheering for this one! It is not easy getting your body used to working out with heavy equipment and various classes then suddenly stopping because of the lockdown. Your body takes time to find attachment to the gym, and then changing your whole routine again becomes pretty tricky. There are several online tutorials available to work out at home, but it’s not the same. There is very little motivation and too many distractions at home. So, re-opening of the gym post-lockdown will be a big hit.

4. Visit a library
If you are a passionate reader, you will understand the pain of not visiting the best place on earth – the library! However, once lockdown is over, you can see the library, surf through the aisles, and search for your books. Not only will you find a new book to read, but you will also be participating in keeping community ventures open.

5. Go for cycling
If weather permits, find out about your local cycling track and take your bike out for a ride. Nothing is better than cycling around town, getting some fresh air, and burning a couple of calories all at the same time.

6. Go for shopping
Have you had your orders messed up during online shopping? Or are you tired of visiting e-stores and wish to see a physical one? Hit the stores and enjoy some retail therapy. Purchasing luxury items that you were unable to buy during lockdown is an excellent contribution to the country’s economy. You might think shopping is unnecessary, but it is pretty therapeutic. Besides, a pair of new boots never left one unhappy.

7. Host a movie night
It’s been a long time since you have invited anyone over, and now your house feels lonely. A brilliant way to eradicate loneliness is to invite friends over as soon as the lockdown ends. A good movie night with some snacks and good company is the idle get-together party. A movie night will also give you a chance to reunite and catch up with your friends.

8. Visit a museum
Museums are a hit for tourists and educators. If you are a cultural person interested in learning, then opt for going to a museum. It will be a nice change from your daily Netflix dose and make you appreciative of past times.

9. Go to the beach
Beach withdrawals are a real thing! A perfect getaway to relax and reflect on life. The cool breeze and the calming sounds of waves are perfect complements to some short meditation sessions.

Also, if you are into surfing and swimming, the beach will be the best form of entertainment.

10. Get a massage
Work from home isn’t an easy task, and your muscles might hurt constantly. The stress of lockdown can also cause issues. A massage will be the perfect fit for you to remove all that muscle pain and feel active again. A soothing massage will make you relaxed, reduce muscle tension, and improve circulation.

11. Go for bowling
Bowling is the best and most fun indoor game ever. Visit your favorite bowling alley if you are in the mood for hitting some strikes. Besides, a healthy and friendly competition never hurts anyone.

12. Take your kids to the playground
We keep talking about how hard the lockdown’s been on us but often forget what these little kids might be going through. Being locked up in a house with very minimum outdoor activities has possibly affected them greatly. Take them to a nearby playground so they can finally experience nature again. Pack some water and snacks and turn your day into a bit of a picnic with your children. But, keep a close eye on kids at all times since more children will also be visiting the playground.

13. Climb up a mountain
If you reside in or near a mountainous area or near a mountain, pack some thick clothes and start climbing a hill. It could be an enjoyable recreation. However, make sure to plan your trip correctly. Do your research about things like the nature of residents living nearby and the availability of public toilets.

Many of us can’t wait for the Pandemic to end so we can finally indulge in all fun and exciting activities again. However, even after lockdown restrictions get lifted, everyone should continue to take precautions until the virus has ended. As responsible citizens, we must be careful and cautious at all times.

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